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The working week is over and it's time to settle in for the weekend. Welcome back to another edition of What Are You Playing!

What's been going on in the world of Nintendo recently, then? Well, we got a boatload of NSO drops as Nintendo served up a whopping seven additions to the NES library including Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Urban Champion, Golf and more. We also ran down all of the discounted delights in North America's 'Recollection Collection' eShop sale, checked out more Nintendo lawsuits and shared our games of the year so far (because somehow we're already halfway through 2024).

Over in reviews, we shared our thoughts on Tchia and the catchily-titled Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-.

With the weekend finally here, it's time for a spot of gaming. So, let's see what we're all up to...

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

In the last week, I have picked up a darling little indie called Hades. I think there are a few people out there who have played it before but, somehow, I was not one of them. It has to be said, it's really rather good. I am still yet to beat my first run, but I'm hoping to pour a good few hours into it this weekend and make some progress.

Elsewhere, I finally finished The Last of Us Part II and I feel completely fine. Yep, totally cool. Uplifted even. It's entirely unrelated to why I've gone back to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for a little bit of comfort gaming ever since. No correlation there at all.

Gavin Lane, Editor

As I'm sure the majority of you are, I plan to settle down with the big Nintendo release of the week, Urban Champion.

Okay, I'm partly jesting there, but this week's drop of seven NES games on NSO has a few lower-key titles I'd like to check out again. I've never given Urban Champion the time of day, but I'm keen to approach it with my history hat on (as I do many games in the Atari 50 collection, for instance). And Sunsoft's previously Japan-only Mystery of Atlantis and the Rare/Zippo titles Cobra Triangle and Solar Jetman are worth charging up my NES Joy-Con for.

Beyond that, Fights in Tight Spaces and Metroid Prime Remastered are on the list. Have a good one, folks.

Kate Gray, Contributor

This weekend I'm on HOLIDAY with my dad! But we're also going on a four-hour car ride, so that means lots of lovely Switch time. I need to polish off Paper Mario TTYD — I'm in the final chapter — and then I'm going to give Everafter Falls a go. I also bought Super Mario RPG, because I've never actually played it (gasp).

In my non-Switch playtime, I've been playing Riven, the sequel to Myst. I completed Myst last week, and it was very pleasant and breezy; but Riven is massive and I'm so lost. Every single path has a fork, and that means I have no idea where I am or what I was doing at any given moment. I should have taken notes.

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

Schrödinger’s Portugal squad. At the time of writing, they are still in the Euro 2024, but they may already be back home at the time of publishing. Regardless EA Sports FC 24 will be played this weekend. My love for the source material dictates I will have to make some time to play SPYxANYA: Operation Memories and give Flynn Arcade’s upcoming release Astryn DX a spin. However, all of this might just fly out the window if Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Deluxe Edition lands early on my Switch. Keep watching the (virtual) blue skies...

Game of the week is NHL Hitz Pro on Gamecube. Built a new franchise team and conquered the fifteen-game qualifying cup to be in the NHL. Next come the play-offs. No way there will be a single “clean” game on the road to holding up the Stanley Cup. You gotta set the tone, boys!

That's what we have planned for the weekend, but what about you? You can let us know what game you'll be maining in the following poll and then take to the comments to share what else you have on the cards.

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