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Mega Man X2 Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Still mega

When Capcom created Mega Man X, it had clearly done something right. Many fans loved finally getting a refreshing take on the series, rather than what was essentially the same thing over and over, and it became quite popular. While the Classic Mega Man series went on a break for a few years, Capcom churned out a few more X games, obviously hoping to ride the wave of success. It took us quite a while to receive the first of this series on Virtual Console, but thankfully it hasn't taken as long to get the second.

Much like the standard Mega Man series before it, the changes in X2 have been kept to a bare minimum. A couple of months after the first Mega Man X, peace has not yet returned, so X sets out to destroy another set of eight Maverick Hunters in the hope that everything will end up peachy this time. Each Hunter's weapon is another's weakness, and when you've beaten them all you unlock a set of final stages which you must beat in a row. Simple, right?

X2 still has all the unique features that set its series apart from the originals. A slightly darker storyline, the ability to dash and wall jump as well as lots of hidden collectibles, like reserve energy tanks, life extensions and armour upgrades that improve or grant new abilities, such as the ability to dash in mid-air.

There's only really one significant change this time around. In addition to collectibles, three of the Maverick Hunter stages also contain hidden rooms where you get to do battle with three special bosses called the X-Hunters. Beating them all will affect the ending, so it's something to look out for. Another minor addition is that aside from the battle mechs from the first game, some stages now also include hoverbikes you can ride, but apart from the latter being lighter and more maneuverable there's not a huge difference between the two. Amusingly, while the first game had a secret hadouken move to find which could annihilate enemies in record time, this one includes the natural other option - a shoryuken!

One minor thing that you could either love or hate is that X2 seems to focus a lot more on platforming. In the first game, most stages generally had about an equal amount of action and platforming, but this time around there just seems to be a lot more focus on getting around rather than shooting enemies and avoiding their attacks. Wall jumping especially is something you can expect to be doing a lot this time.

Like the title before it, X2 features big, colourful levels with lots of great spritework, though we can't help but shake the feeling that the backgrounds seem a bit less detailed this time around. They weren't overly detailed in the first game to begin with, but they just seem a bit bland here. Likewise, the music is also not as catchy as that from the previous game, though this can likely be attributed to the fact that while the first release had a team of five composers, only one of them worked on X2 and she did it all by herself.


Overall, while there's nothing wrong with Mega Man X2, there's also nothing that really stands out about it. It's a fairly run of the mill sequel that doesn't really add or change anything of impact, and for the most part, it feels like a simple extension of the first game featuring some more levels. The result is another solid game, and, well, what more could you ask for? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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accc said:

If you're interested in the Mega Man X games then you should just buy the Mega Man X Collection and get all 6 in one package, rather than buying them individually on the Virtual Console. Though the GC version is apparently pretty rare and fetches a pretty penny on Amazon. The PS2 version is nice and cheap, though.



CanisWolfred said:

For some reason I always felt that this game wasn't nearly as fun as the first Mega Man X.

@accc - Considering the fact that the collection goes for a lot of Money and most consider X4-X6 to be terrible, and the collection never came out in Europe, that doesn't sound like a very appealing option for a lot of people...



accc said:

@Mickeymac Actualy the PS2 version is only 9 bucks on Amazon and Mega Man X4 is considered a classic on par with the original (and is regarded more highly than X2 and X3). I didn't know it didn't come out in Europe though, sucks for you guys.



KaiserGX said:

I used to have the collection, but I had to trade it in long ago, same with the classic collection. I rather just have it on the Wii, without having to swap disks or anything and Megaman X 1-3 are good for me. Since 3 has watered down music on that. Also Classic Controller I think is better to play this with then the Gamecube controller.



shonenjump86 said:

Not the biggest MegaMan fan out there but I do have the X collection on PS2. Gonna pass on X2 if it gets released in the US on VC.



PixelatedPixie said:

I've been enjoying this quite a bit. The bosses are kind of dumb and some of the weapons pointless, but the action is solid and the graphics and music are great.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Yeah, there are a LOT of issues with both collections. Contrary to the "value" of getting more games for less money, it's a definite case of getting what you pay for.



GeminiSaint said:

"...three of the Maverick Hunter stages also contain hidden rooms..."
This statement is incorrect. As a matter of fact, all 8 Maverick stages contain a hidden room each, reserved for the X-Hunters. Now, there are only three X-Hunters, and they change places each time you finish a stage, jumping around the main map, and they can land (and will be found in) any of the 8 regular stages.



PixelatedPixie said:

As GeminiSaint says, there are actually rooms in each stage in which you could potentially battle a Hunter. I personally thought the game did really poor job of giving the player information on how the Hunter fights worked. On at least two occasions I accidentally locked myself out of being able to fight all three.



PoorVGameNerd said:

Man, I can't believe I don't own any of the Mega Man X games. Mega Man 3 for the NES is one of my favorite games of all time, and I have some fond memories of Mega Man 2. I'd give both a 10 out of 10, they're perfect.



Capt_N said:

Can't wait for an NA VC release. Actually, I can, but I really wish Nintendo/Capcom would get to it. Same for the Classic Series 6, & 7. I also wouldn't mind us NA gamers getting the originally-unreleased-in-NA Mega Man & Bass.



accc said:

Yeah, Mega Man & Bass is the one Mega Man game I'd consider buying on the VC. (Well, maybe Mega Man 7 as well since the Anniversary Collection removed the ending for some ungodly reason.) There actually was a GBA port of MM&B that was released in the US, but the GBA really wasn't capable of doing the game justice.



DarkEdi said:

I can´t play my MMX Collection for GC in my Wii because this isn´t optimized for component cables and when you select one game you only see a black screen while you hear the sound. Is any way to fix this or i need to play it with audio-video normal cables?



WaveBoy said:

You'd be a fool to get the 'GCN' MMX collection. They play terrible on the GCN controller. Either you use the analog stick which feels completely wrong in the first place considering this is Mega Man, OR you can settle for the tiny stiff & terrible D-Pad. Not only that but pulling off dashes with those big push sensitive L & R buttons feels totaly wrong. Get the PS2 version, there's no comparison as it works miles better with the dual shock controller. Digital L & R clicky shoulder butons, a simpler face button layout an da superior D-pad. Still, i wouldn't bother putting up with all of the problems these collections are riddled with...

Personally i couldn't stand X5 or X6. X4 wasn't too shabby though! while X7 and X8 look terrible. X1 is classic, yet i haven't played X2 or X3 nor am I really psyched to... I'm a fan of the orignial MMX really and that's that. If they announced a brand new X9 in the works i honestly wouldn't be that thrilled.

The original Mega is where it's at bud!



JebbyDeringer said:

Your review is pretty much perfect, exactly my thoughts on the game back when it was released and the years following. I learned to appreciate it more in more recent years but still an 8 is about right. Hopefully we see X3 because that game was as good if not better than the first music and all.



MegaStoneSmash91 said:

I was actually saving 800 points specifically to get this, but ended up downloading DKC 3 instead because i thought it would never get on the VC. Have the X-Collection on Gamecube, so it's not a huge deal. Still, nice to see it made it.



JebbyDeringer said:

Waveboy if you like MMX MMX2 is more of the same like the review says but still far better than X4 on. X3 though is definitely worth playing.



madgear said:

X4 is one of the best in the series. I remember first playing that on the Sega Saturn and it blew my mind. The rest that came after it are a bit bland, but X4 is definitely a true classic.

@DarkEdi - That's strange, the collection works fine for me through component cables on the Wii. Could it perhaps be your TV? Anyway, yeah, the collection isn't the best option for most people and if you're happy with the SNES X games, then the VC is the only way to go.



sdcazares1980 said:

With the GameCube completely phased out now (the latest Wiis are no longer backwards compatible), it might make sense to buy the VC version of the game.



Fuzzy said:

Feels like more of the same so far. Though I don't think that's a bad thing.



MeloMan said:

Yeah, the game didn't have the "pop" that X1 had, but was a decent game. X3 redeemed itself a little better in my opinion and X4 was decent (and should've been the last of the series) as the series took a dive after that imo. Anyway, still a piece of classic gaming from the SNES era.



TheBigHamlin said:

Have not played X2 in a grip but recently played through X and if memory serves me right, X2 was more difficult. I have the GC collection and it is kind of annoying using the GC controller...but not nearly as badd as the MM Anniversary control where the button config is reversed [jump is shoot and shoot is jump].



TheBigHamlin said:

And one last thing. Nintendolife should do an Oscars like voting of NL readers to decide on the important things in life. Like...

Best Score- MM2 easily
Best Visual Effects- MMX
Best Bosses- undecided
Best Weapon/Weapons- Metal Blade/MMX
Best Supporting Actor- Proto Man slightly edges out Zero..causes a controversy and fued on twitter between the two.
MTV Awards style Best Villian- Dr. Wily
Best Use of 2 Shades of Blue- Mega Man
Best Game- MM2...all the MM3 fanboys shed a tear and spill a little in the soil for their homie.

Please NL. Make this happen!



sonik said:

@accc If you live in Europe as me there is no PAL version of Mega man X collection not even the mega man anniversary collection.

So now capcom there is only a few mega man games left to push out on VC,
Mega man X3 (Snes)
Mega man 6 (Nes)
Mega man 7 (Snes)

The rest (MM8, X4, X5 and X6) is psx games and need more space maybe the wii u vc is bigger so save it for later.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I'm going to have to pick this game up and the first one as well.

I used to have the MegaMan X Collection for the Gamecube but I had to get rid of it because for some reason it was the only Gamecube game that could not play in 480p I got the sound but no visuals. I have been waiting for this on VC for a while. NICE!



gundam00 said:

Mega Man X2 is actually my favorite in the X series. X2 really took the series to a higher level. In fact, a lot of the new additions in X2 became staple features in the following sequels, like the Hover Bike, Magna Centipede's computer stage, Flame Stag's volcano stage, and the X-Hunters. Also most notable is that this is the only X game that doesn't have a Snow/Ice stage (Crystal Snail's stage is an underground crystal cavern with ice-like floors, and X5 has a water stage with Ice weapons).

The music in X2 is incredible! Especially Bubble Crab's music! Which is one of the best in the whole X series. In fact, Bubble Crab's music was recycled/remixed in X5.

Also, the Air Dash is flipping awesome!!! The Air Dash may seem redundant, but it opened up a whole new way to play and became absolutely critical to gameplay and the series's evolution.

Now, X3 was when things went haywire. There were so many things that went wrong in that game that shouldn't have, like the music DURING gameplay was muffled, the hover jump had a late reaction time (but perfected in X4), the X-Buster upgrade had a slow firing time, the forced battles with Bit and Byte before you had a chance to level up, and the difficulty level was really high.

I think X2 should have at least gotten a 9/10

My List for Mega Man X series (which is my #1 favorite series of all games!!!)
1.) Mega Man X2
2.) Meg Man X
3.) Mega Man X4
4.) Mega Man X6
5.) Mega Man X5
6.) Mega Man X3 (I would like to mention X3 has one of the best soundtracks! — just not during gameplay; the OST is where the music shines!)

I haven't played X7 or X8 because I don't have a PS2, and Command Mission is a beautiful but poorly lacking RPG



Aldebaran said:

I really wish Capcom releases Mega Man X3 (SNES version) for Wii Virtual console. I consider the X3 version of the SNES to be the best in the series (excellent OST) however Capcom bastardized the music in the PC/PSX version of X3 (which was the one included in the MMX collection unfortunately).



knvx said:

@TheBigHamlin no dice.. MMX has best score of any game, album, movie etc. Not just IMO but in real reality.. as opposed to fake reality. Mega Man is hands down my fave franchise but ffvi is my all time fave game. Wtf am I saying. Call me noon but don't call me a fan boy. I am a gawdamm fan Mann! I bear the scars of this testimony!

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