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Driver: Renegade 3D Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Stuck in neutral

Driving and racing games have, so far, been relatively well represented on the 3DS in its early lifespan, with Ridge Racer 3D and Asphalt 3D competing for the affections of driving fans. Ubisoft has now joined in with Driver Renegade 3D, an exclusive title in the franchise for the handheld. Does it provide a high-octane adrenaline rush, or crash off the road?

To avoid any confusion, it should be clarified that this title is entirely different from the home console entries in the Driver canon, with an exclusive storyline and setting taking place in New York. The plot revolves around John Tanner, a regular protagonist in the franchise, who has become embittered and left the NYPD. A chance meeting with the city’s Senator, Andrew Ballard, gives Tanner an opportunity to pursue the crime lords of the city without pesky restrictions such as law and order.

All of this takes place in the title’s Story Mode, with 20 missions to complete, each with cinematics to progress the storyline. The plot itself is presented well in stylish still scenes, but the writing at the core of the story is average, with predictable twists and turns that many gamers will see coming. The cast of characters also seems to have been constructed ‘by the numbers’: the mysterious combat veteran, cold-hearted arms dealer and the hooker with a heart of gold are a few examples. Tanner himself is a complete jerk: a psychopathic killer on steroids, he spends most the story killing and destroying with impunity. He’s also incapable of completing a sentence without swearing, which is tiring rather than ‘edgy’. Dialogue as a whole can be a bit cringeworthy, but the overall storyline just about gets the job done, albeit without any finesse.

If you ignore the story and take the welcome opportunity to switch off Tanner’s in-game dialogue, then you have a mixed gameplay experience. On the positive side, the controls and handling of vehicles is excellent, on the strict understanding that this is an arcade-driving experience. Combining a solid frame rate with comfortable controls, the driving experience is enjoyable: the Circle Pad is perfect for steering, while all four face buttons are used to accelerate, use the brake or handbrake and activate Tanner’s ‘rage’, which acts as a turbo boost and increases the destructive power of your car. The shoulder buttons act as ‘car attacks’, ramming your car into an enemy on either side.

The environment in which this takes place is an impressive — and large — recreation of New York City. The scale isn’t on the same level as would be found in a console title, but the sense of driving through a genuine city is gratifying. Most barriers and obstacles are destructible, though occasionally you may get carried away and attempt to smash through a gate that, unfortunately, cannot be broken. The inconsistencies in destructible objects are rare, but the setting is let down by some noticeable ‘pop-up’, where the draw distance isn’t quite long enough. It’s also very much like playing in New York after the city has been evacuated, with very few civilian cars and absolutely no pedestrians; whether this was due to system limitations or lack of development, it's a shame that the setting feels so desolate.

The negative side of the gameplay is the variety, or lack thereof, of objectives and challenges that you face. Within the first hour of play in the Story Mode you’ll have seen all of the missions on offer: follow a car, destroy a target car, destroy a number of cars or escape a chase in one piece. While it may seem strange to complain about a lack of variety in a driving game, the simple fact is that repeating these objectives multiple times in two-to-three minute bursts becomes grating. The main culprit is the relatively easy difficulty: with options of ‘Easy’ or ‘Hard’, we opted for the latter, particularly as the only way to unlock cars from Story Mode is by completing levels in this difficulty. In our experience the level of challenge varies wildly, with the majority of levels being cleared first time. Only in the final few stages were multiple attempts required; that didn’t prevent us from beating the Story Mode in under three hours.

The brevity of the Story Mode is compensated by the far superior ‘Career’ Mode on offer. Cars already unlocked are available, and progression through the seven event categories adds more vehicles to your garage, with a total of 50 available. With 12 levels in each category, there are 84 levels to work through, adding plenty of play time to the experience. Whether you will complete every level and unlock every car is dependent on your level of patience.

The categories are a mix of good and bad: ‘Rampage’ is easily the worst, with the task of destroying a number of respawning enemies within a time limit being completely redundant. On the other hand ‘Freedom Racing’ allows you to race to the goal taking any route you please, allowing a nice sense of freedom as you and your opponents take divergent paths. Throw in checkpoint and elimination races, along with stunt and damage challenges, and there is a good amount of content. Issues with the difficulty remain, with some modes beaten far too easily, while others, such as ‘Time Attack’, demand precise near-perfect laps. The fluctuation from ridiculously easy to teeth-grindingly difficult curbs the fun on offer.

Beyond Story Mode and Career, there are no further significant game options. There is a StreetPass function that allows you to compare career records with others, but there's no multiplayer of any description. This seems like a missed opportunity, considering the quality of the driving experience and the inclusion of some enjoyable racing events. As a single-player release, this is a title that, once beaten, is unlikely to inspire much replay time.

In terms of presentation, Driver Renegade 3D performs fairly well. Graphically the title looks good but the environment is too empty, with the smooth frame rate serving as some compensation. Playing with the 3D setting on can help when playing the game; the effect is impressive, with a noticeable depth that allows you to see upcoming corners clearly. Audio is acceptable, though the voice acting, particularly Tanner, is as clichéd as the script. The music is an undoubted bonus however, with a variety of excellent tracks sounding particularly good on headphones.


Driver Renegade 3D is an average title overall. Qualities such as smooth driving controls and an impressive open setting are let down by inconsistent levels of challenge, a city lacking in population, repetitive gameplay and, unfortunately, an irritating and clichéd main character. It is a pity, as there are moments of enjoyment when the opposition are on the chase and the sensation of chaotically driving through New York is intoxicating. Alas, they’re just fleeting moments, so this purchase is only recommended for dedicated fans of the genre or the Driver franchise.

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User Comments (23)



pikku said:

I thought this looked dull from the beginning honestly, so i'm not too surprised or disappointed.



Tigus said:

It didt look all that great more like a way to kill some time than.



GreenInferno said:

I've never liked Ubisoft. You can never tell just WHAT quality of game they're going to put out. They have a terrible, inconsistency that makes me avoid them, even at the cost of their best games.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I'm still getting this game....I don't care if I can beat it in three hours....I'm going to have other games to play, other than this one. I don't really care about replay value either because with the other games coming out chances are I'm only going to play this once anyways. Plus my birthday is coming up so I'll just get it for my birthday.



Wheels2050 said:

Another quality game for the 3DS...

@GreenInferno: If you go back to the early 2000s, it seemed like Ubisoft could do no wrong - I've got a shelf full of Ubisoft titles for the PC that attests to that (Prince of Persia Sands trilogy, Silent Hunter III, Chessmaster, Morrowind, IL-2 Sturmovik, Beyond Good & Evil) but I've lost confidence in them a bit. A lot of that is to do with their horrible DRM implementations on PC (which is another story entirely) but they don't seem to be quite as discerning with the games they put out these days.

Having said that, one can't deny they have released some excellent, critically-successful games in recent years.



siavm said:

@Wheels2050 Assassins Creed is the only good game they have coming out now and that looks like that may not last (yearly titles will not keep working for this game).



Weskerb said:

@siavm Actually Driver: San Francisco is good on other platforms + Farcry 3 looked really good at E3. So they are making good games, perhaps not on Nintendo platforms though. You're right about them milking Assasin's Creed, I'm going to skip it this year.

Edit: Forgot the new Rayman game. That looks good too.



J-Forest-Esq said:

The adverts were fairly abysmal so this doesn't come as too much of a surprise. You could just smell mediocrity on them.



WolfRamHeart said:

That's too bad. I was hoping that this game would turn out better. I might still pick it up one day when it hits the bargain bins.



Ristar42 said:

I read that the city is somewhat similar to that found in 'COP the Recruit' on DS, which is odd as that game had more traffic and people on the streets. This game looks a bit lazy overall.

I was still thinking of getting it as I like driving games and you can turn the voices off, but at £40 for such little content... I'll wait for a price drop.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Not a real surprise but somwhere deep inside i hoped that great games of this genre could give the 3DS a more core- / adult-oriented image.
For 15 € i may get it later on.



Ren said:

I would actually be all for a GTA chinatown 3D, even as just a port with 3D added. Hands down the best of that genre, too me. Or just somekind of GTA in that same form for 3DS. Rockstar really has kind of a golden touch there, so it's hard to come close with a game like this.
It really takes some seriously great compression and familiarity with that genre to have a game that can perform as well as a great GTA game, and Rockstar still dominates there. The knockoffs like this might be fun for a bit, but that's really all they can be. Chinatown was the only game I needed on my DS for months, and I still barely scratched the surface; in 3D, though? Games like Driver just need to copy it more directly to stand a chance of delivering that kind of deep fun.



Supremeist said:

Just another cheap title. This didn't look fun from the beginning, kind of like a GTA ripoff. A bad one too. But 5/10 isn't a TERRIBLE score...



TheGreenSpiny said:

Not sure why there is all this hate for Driver... It was never a very good series to begin with, going back to the PS1 days. It was always repetetive and shallow back then.

I hoped this one would fare better because it seems a good choice for on the go gaming.



Yadoking said:

All I want to know is if this game is anything like Driver 3's Free Ride? If that is the case, no matter how broken, I shall buy it.

[edit] Ah, it is stated in the review that it doesn't. Sad, since that is what makes Driver so fun for me. The crazy cops, and the whacked out glitches, while you run around with an arsenal of weaponry appearing to the common soulless civilian as an everyday joe.



Carmanen said:

I'm a fan of Driver series and first i decided that i'm not going to buy Renegade because of the bad reviews it got. But a couple of days ago i still decided to buy it and my fears vanished away: this is actually a very good game and very underrated. It's not perfect by any means but overall everything works quite well. I still have to play it more to judge it better but my first impressions were generally good:) And imo, better to have this exclusive Driver game for 3DS than San Francisco's scaled down version. And i have Driver: SF on PC, anyway.



dronesplitter said:

This review really gets it right.

Despite the good parts (decent graphics with a nice frame rate, decent variety in cars and driving physics), this game is too much of a letdown to ever pay more than $10 for and if you only have the patience to do the story mode, it's not even worth that (story mode is awful...ugh).

As for career mode, it has some good qualities and a lot to do when it comes to setting records and unlocking new vehicles. However, one major complaint I have is that battling the AI in this game is a clunky, even broken feeling experience. You either end up with a car that explodes in the first 20 seconds or you win out and get into first place where it's ridiculously boring to be since the AI can't ever come close to catching up with you if your lead becomes comfortable (and it will).

So, as much as I would find it much more interesting if this driving game had a fun car battling system, instead I have to race by myself in a relatively empty feeling city with only the occasional random car or two that's out for a drive while you're racing bad guys that can't keep up. This game is lacking in some very important areas, ruining much of a chance that the player will have any fun.

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