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Real Football 2010 Review

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Posted by James Newton

Slick as a parrot

With last year’s successful Real Football 2009 under its belt, Gameloft has dusted off its downloadable footballing franchise and slapped a new number on the end. Taking the control systems and fast, arcade-style gameplay from its predecessor and polishing it up, RF2010 is at once the definitive football game on DS and a real letdown.

Make no mistake: this is some of the finest eleven-a-side action seen on a Nintendo handheld, with plenty of teams, cups and leagues crammed into the DSiWare download package. The animation is fluid and the sound effects do the trick, although on the audio side there’s now some rudimentary commentary from an over-excited announcer who cries “great pass!” every time one professional football player kicks the ball to another professional football player. It’s unintentionally hilarious and there’s no way to turn it off, meaning the joke sadly wears thin after a while.

The DSi-specific features from its previous incarnation survive, letting you put custom photos on players, adverts, the big screen and the ball itself, creating yet more hilarity for creative (or just plain rude) players. The touch screen controls work just as well as they did in the previous version, and although there are no new moves added this year the passing seems more accurate, particularly when using the button controls. Sadly there’s still no ability to customise your controls or even change any options beyond difficulty, game length and language, making this a pretty barebones title in terms of flexibility.

There are a few small additions here and there, with new stadia and teams to select, but mostly this is identical to last year’s effort. There’s still no online play, no customisable controls and no edit player feature, and if you’ve spent a few hours with the previous entry you’ll be hard-pressed to spot any major differences between the two. There are no additional playmodes either, with the same cups and leagues from last year’s effort, though they still equate to weeks of gameplay. It’s a shame the single-player “Enter the Legend” mode and some of the social aspects from the iPhone version didn’t make it across to the DSi as they would have improved the lastability considerably.


Real Football 2010 plays a great game of football and there’s stacks of content here for DSiWare footie first-timers. If you’ve already paid for last year’s entry there’s no point in shelling out for this one too, as there simply isn’t enough new content to justify the 800 Points, but footie newcomers should make this their next transfer target.

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motang said:

Oh nice review, I have Real Soccer...errr...Football (the real football), and love it. But I have 2009 version, I might invest in this one. Oh good review BTW.



Sylverstone said:

Not much to say, I suppose.

They should really bring over more modes like the ones on the iPhone version.

Great review anyway, Prosody.



jangonov said:

not bad, but I would only download it if I was interested in non-american football. I've never been big into sports, but as far as football goes, it seems to be a good title. @3 yeah, but I think apple allows bigger file sizes, so they can have new modes, but DSi has less than half a gb of internal memory, so even if a SD card channel of sorts was made (which it needs) it will still be restricted. I was hoping they would fix it when they announced the XL (thought they would make the memory bigger too) but I was wrong



Machu said:

It's got Stevie Me in it, no thanks! Ew! D:

sounds like a good game of footy tho'



ShinRPGGamer said:

I would have downloaded this game when it came to NA but the R button on Dsi no longer works and I can not win without sprinting so i`m gonna have to pass on this one



cheapogamer4life said:

Wow, this review dIDNt take long to get to get out. Nice review prosodyl Not really into soccer (football) much, but im always on the look out for a good DS sports game. Missed out on last years version so I may have to try this one out.




@Machu ... you a Goonies, Manure or Chav$ki fan?! UUrrgghhh in that case! There are several self obsessed "me" players in those squads believe me!

What I want to know is why Steven Gerrad is in a blue shirt?

I already have RF 2009 and wasn't intending to get this anyway. Still, good that its turned good and good revw



-TR said:

Hurry up and realise a Real Rugby game! One virtual version of Wendyball is enough!



Machu said:

@LEGEND MARIOID: Do you even know what the nickname Manure refers to? Either way... Flower you!

There is no bigger scum than Gerrard. The picture above depicts him dreaming he'd gone to Chelsea when he had the chance, instead of staying at Loserpool. Fact!

sorry for soiling the comments with football 5h1t3 James, but it's kind of apt, I guess.




Heh heh, I'm a football fan since the mid 80s so unfortunately I am versed with the old and new football banter. ;-p .....its Chav$ki, not Chelsea (the artificial club)



Gogata said:

I got the 1st one, they should give everyone who bought the 2009 version, this version...



sam322 said:

i'm a huge soccer fan and my favorite team is 'club atletico de madrid'

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