Real Football 2010 (DSiWare)

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Real Soccer is back for the most exciting season yet.

Choose from more teams than ever before and compete in new stadiums around the world. Lead your team to victory on the field and make tactical decisions as the coach.

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Posted by James Newton

Slick as a parrot

With last year’s successful Real Football 2009 under its belt, Gameloft has dusted off its downloadable footballing franchise and slapped a new number on the end. Taking the control systems and fast, arcade-style gameplay from its predecessor and...

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abcdefghijklmnopqrst said:

Is it 800 points? If it is im not getting it. Anyway, it looks better than the first. I have the 1st and it has bad graphics.



ShinRPGGamer said:

I'm surprised a review is not out for this game. guess NL will have to wait for EU release before we get a review



barucci2000 said:

This game is a "must have" for me. 800NP is worh for it. (Real Soccer 2009 wasn't bad acctually, but this looks more ifine & interesting)

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