2 M30 Compatibility

If you've been loving Sonic and Thunder Force IV on your Switch lately, you might be interested to learn that 8Bitdo – makers of many a fine controller – are releasing a Sega-inspired pad which will no doubt become the interface of your dreams.

Based on the design of the fantastic 6-button Genesis / Mega Drive pad, the M30 isn't a 'new' product as such – we already know it's launching alongside the forthcoming Analogue Mega Sg – but the confirmation that this pad is also compatible with Switch is welcome.

The M30 launches on February 28th, and is available for pre-order now, with a price of $29.99. It's also compatible with PC, Mac and Android, and comes with 'Home' and 'Screenshot' buttons, and a battery (charged via USB-C) which lasts for 20 hours. Not too shabby, eh?

That's not all; 8Bitdo is also releasing a new Retro Receiver for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. Costing $19.99, this Bluetooth adapter slots into the 9-pin controller port on your original 16-bit console and allows you to use the M30 – as well as your PS4, Xbox One, Switch Pro, Wiimote and Wii U Pro controllers, as well as all other 8Bitdo pads. It also ships on February 28th.

1 Retro Receiver For Genesis Mega Drive

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