We’ve all been there: It’s final boss battle, and you’re ready to execute the perfect combo to beat the game you’ve invested weeks of your life into... Then suddenly – your left Joy-Con stops responding, the combo fails, and you’ve been defeated yet again. It's a frustrating inconvenience experienced by many Switch owners the world over – but there is hope.

Nintendo recently registered a new filing with the Federal Communications Commission, indicating that they may have a hardware fix in the works for Joy-Con L. Based on this filing, it appears they may even release an entirely new controller.

Of course, no concrete details have been confirmed, but it looks like Nintendo is taking the issue seriously – an improvement from their position last year. When Forbes questioned them about the number of complaints they’d received in March of 2017, they simply stated:

“The number is not significant. The total number of repair or replacement requests for Nintendo Switch, including for Joy-Con, is consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware Nintendo has launched.”

For those feeling less patient about the Switch’s glitches: Hori’s new D-pad enabled version of Joy-Con L is scheduled for release in July – although apparently, it won’t include an accelerometer or gyroscope… because we just can’t have nice things. Here’s hoping we hear more about Nintendo’s hardware update plans soon!

Have you experienced connectivity issues with your Joy-Con? Are there other issues occurring with your Switch that have yet to be addressed? Let us know in the comments below...