It's official: you will be able to make music for the first time on your Nintendo Switch from April 26th onwards, the day KORG Gadget releases across all three major eShop regions. 

KORG's unique Nintendo Switch edition of the versatile Gadget Digital Audio Workstation comes with 16 bundled synthesisers and drum machines (all emulations based on vintage KORG hardware) and will allow you to cover pretty much any electronic genre you can think of (yes, even old chiptunes).

Some of the unique features of this version include real-time pitch control and even piano roll editing using Joy-Con motions and the immensely fun (despite mixed end results) four player composition mode. You can check out the latest video of Sano-san showcasing that mode at a Tokyo club.

European pricing is unconfirmed at this stage, but in the States KORG Gadget will set you back $48. It will be quite interesting to see not only what people will come up with using the software, but also how artists will begin to incorporate the Nintendo Switch into their live acts. 

Does this latest KORG / DETUNE offering on hardware make your inner Jean-Michel Jarre whoop with joy? Are you a music producer who uses Nintendo hardware for your compositions? The comment section is your piano.

[via korg.com]