Thanks to Super Mario Odyssey's wonderful original soundtrack, and the possibly even more wonderful 'Jump Up, Super Star!', it can be pretty difficult to stop yourself from humming along to the game as you play. With the help of these two official soundtrack options, however, you'll soon be able to blast your favourite Mario tunes at all times.

Tomorrow will see the release of the 'Super Mario Odyssey Sound Selection' - a collection of 12 songs that will be available to download from the iTunes store.


If the 12 song collection isn't enough for you, though, you may want to hold off until early next year. An official Super Mario Odyssey soundtrack will be released in Japan on 28th February 2018 containing a whopping 136 tracks spread over four discs. You'll also get a couple of stickers thrown in for good measure, as well as a booklet featuring comments from the game's developers and Aimi Mukohara who voiced Pauline in the game.

With no news of a western release for this CD collection you may well need to import it from Japan when it arrives - it is planned to cost 4,600 yen (equating to a rather hefty £30 / $40). Do you plan on grabbing one of these soundtracks and driving everyone in your house mad by playing it on repeat for several months? Let us know in the comments.