We all love a bit of basketball action here at Nintendo Life, so we were delighted to hear that the Data East's classic Neo Geo game Street Hoop is heading it's way to the Switch tomorrow courtesy of Hamster. 

We reviewed this back in 2010 when it landed on the Wii Virtual Console it netted an impressive 8/10. Here's what we had to say:

There's no denying the heavy Double Dribble and NBA Jam influences that abound in Street Hoop, but given how well those arcade hoops classic played, that's certainly not a bad thing. The game's unique hip hop musical score and over-the-top Super Shots give it something to stand out from the crowd, but what ultimately makes the game so much fun to play will inevitably be its familiar controls that will give fans of popular arcade hoops games something new with which to play. At the very least it proves that the Neo Geo system was capable of producing quality titles that were actually not fighting games.

Let us know if you plan to pick up this classic sports game tomorrow with a comment below.