(Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

Street Hoop (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

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Take it to the street for some three on three basketball action in the fresh and exhilarating STREET HOOP. Choose from ten teams to vie for the position as the best street basketball team on the planet.

Players will be able to mix the normal thrill of a basketball match with the added bonus of manoeuvres taken from the street to showcase the best ball skills – from slam dunks to alley-oops, win the game and win it in style.

With a simple controls system, gamers will quickly be able to pick up complex skills to help them charge player gauges which will unlock special super shots that can break any defence.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Slam dunk or flagrant foul?

While many of the other consoles of the time were receiving a good variety of basketball offerings, the Neo Geo system was relegated to just one. Data East's Street Hoop passed over the traditional basketball experience in favour of a more...

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KeeperBvK said:

Well, it's basketball...not my kind of game and I guess all others might be better off with the NBA Jam eventually.



Aenaida said:

It has now been ESRB rated as well. I wouldn't be suprised if it's the next North American VC release.

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