ARMS Global Testpunch

This past weekend saw the launch of the ARMS Global Testpunch, a time-specific demo of Nintendo’s fascinating new fighter. Most of the character roster was available to try out and there were several different time slots available, so the broadest userbase possible could get the most out of the limited event. As expected, Nintendo also collated data from this demo regarding server strain and character popularity, and it just shared an interesting tidbit of trivia from this.

The ARMS Twitter account for Nintendo of Japan just recently put up a Tweet saying that Ninjara was the most popular fighter picked by players this past weekend, followed closely behind by Min Min. The Tweet also discussed that an announcement will be made in the future regarding which fighter had the highest win rate, though it wasn’t Ninjara nor Min Min. And for those of you that didn’t get the chance to participate, the Testpunch will be taking place once more this coming weekend.

What do you think? Who did you play as most? Who do you think has the highest win rate? Drop us a comment in the section below.