UPDATE: We've been contacted by Film Roman, LLC with a request to remove the video and any related imagery from the site as it infringes on the copyright of Dentsu, the copyright holder of this new Mega Man TV show. We can only offer our apologies for any inconvenience caused and any financial impact this may have had.

However, seeing as you guys love yourselves some Mega Man action, we've cunningly replaced the offending images with ones which are tonally similar yet different - you may not even notice the difference.

ORIGINAL STORY: The development of a new Mega Man cartoon came to light last in 2015, but the early promotional image released last year didn't seem to engender a lot of optimism with hardcore fans.

We now have some actual footage to look at, and while there's not much on display (it's part of a larger promotional sizzle reel), it does give a bit more of a flavour of what the eventual show will be like.

We see Mega Man's "schoolboy robot" form, known as Aki Light, transform into the hero made famous by Capcom's super-challenging series, as well as "Robot Masters" Fire Man and Drill Man.

The series will be broadcast on Disney XD in North America this year.

[via rockman-corner.com]