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Keiji Inafune Juiced Up Azure Striker Gunvolt

Posted by Tim Latshaw

You don't get to become an "action director" for nothing

Action platformer fans might already know that Mega Man designer Keiji Inafune and Inti Creates are in cahoots. The development company is lending its considerable talent toward the production of Inafune's Mighty No. 9 while Inafune was announced as "action director" of Inti Creates's Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Inafune's involvement with Azure Striker Gunvolt is not just a case of name-dropping, though, as he reveals in an interview on Inti Creates's own Internet radio program. According to Inafune, Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu brought the game to him asking for marketing advice, but ended up receiving much more feedback than that:

So, I told him to let me play through the game. I didn't think much of it. It was just really dull and not worth releasing as a product. The potential was there. Mr. Aizu really just wanted to know how to market the game, and all I did was criticize the action.

It's probably not the best feeling in the world to have your product blasted by Mega Man's dad, but Inafune said Aizu was receptive to the criticism and brought him on to revise the game:

But then he said, "OK, we'll change it." Couldn't believe it! I told him my ideas and he agreed to them. So, I thought, might as well get involved. There was room for change, since it wasn't done yet. That's why I ended up being so frank about the action.

Inafune describes Gunvolt as a blend of old-school blasting and a more contemporary strategic rhythm. He sounds quite confident that a successful balance has been struck:

Gunvolt is very much a throwback game, but it's been nicely fused with a more modern action style. I've got no doubt that it'll be a hit with action game fans, especially the many 8-bit and 16-bit fans out there. The throwback style is the game's biggest asset.

You can listen to Inafune's full interview in the video below, starting at 2:50, although the video's intro music is rather nice, too.

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Has Inafune's touch had any effect on your interest in Gunvolt?


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Kasplat said:

yay Inafune! The music from the video sounds great, is it supposed to be part of the game?



aja14 said:

@S3OL its very durable also. my son tends to drop it at times but still no dents. bad side only it doesn't have 3d



Fidu21 said:

"t's probably not the best feeling in the world to have your product blasted by Mega Man's dad" that just cracked me up



NImH said:

"The throwback style is the game's biggest asset."
This doesn't fill me with confidence for the game...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Sounds great, and it's also good that Aizu was taking the criticism in a good way; many developers took criticism personally and ruined their careers (Phil Fish, anyone?).



bizcuthammer said:

@S3OL Not sure what country you are in, but if you're in the US, Nintendo America is selling refurbished 3DSs, 2DSs and 3DS XLs on their online store. Not sure about 2DS prices, but regular 3DSs are $95, and XLs are $135. Both are pretty cheap options, and well worth it imo.



S3OL said:

@vonseux Just the grip? Or is there anything else?

@aja14 I don't tend to use the 3D anyway so that's okay. How's the screen size?

@bizcuthammer I live in the UK sadly, but those prices sound awesome. I'm on the lookout for cheap 3DSes that are in great condition but I /still/ won't be able to avoid them as £111 is already reserved for other games.



aja14 said:

@S3OL well its the same as the standard 3ds game console. you can adjust brightness for the clarity.



edcomics said:

Too bad the subtitles stop immediately after the Inafune segment. Ina does sound like a really enthusiastic character.



DarkCoolEdge said:

@S3OL the sound of the 2DS is not good, headphones are a must if you get one.

I'm pretty sure there's an article compraing them all here in Nintendo Life.



luke88 said:

@S3OL I think the 3ds xl is the best handheld I've ever had. Personally, I'd recommend saving a bit more and getting that when you can - but I guess you should try and play all three iterations before you buy and make your own mind up.



kupo said:

In a time when there are an unbelievable number of trash games, it's always good to get serious, constructive feedback like IntiCreates presumably got from Inafune.

Then again... I know early footage isn't all-telling, but compared to this game...Inafune's Might No. 9 looks pretty boring to me, haha.

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