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Video: Hear The Link To The Past Dark World Theme In a Whole New Banjo Style

Posted by Karen Halloran

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take the mandolin, too

Time-travelling and dimension-hopping hero to video game characters, Ollie Longz, has apparently returned from his little jaunt to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’s Dark World with a most interesting artifact. What was originally thought to be an innocuous piece of parchment stuck to the bottom of Link's sacred shoe at The Pyramid's gift shop display is, in fact, a written record of the music that can constantly and inexplicably be heard throughout the dimension.

In his guise as YouTube user Banjo Guy Ollie, Longz has managed to decipher Hyrulian musical notation, and when properly translated the arrangement utilises a variety of cool guitars and banjos. Mr. Longz assured the Nintendo Life news team that his rendition is as faithful as possible, but with a little added twang.

Think mountain music fits the Dark World mood? Are you already making Lindsey Stirling comparisons? Would you have added more cowbell? Let us know!

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ValiantPixel said:

The next iteration of Smooth McGroove has been born! Of course, this guy's beard is the main receiver of inspiration



Rezal_Knight said:

JonnyAtma needs some love from Nintendo life,he has been making metal covers of classic game themes for a while now.



HarryK said:

Oh oh, I have lots of stuff to do today, but it looks like I will spend it on Youtube now. Great work man!



Smitherenez said:

I seriously was thinking of trying this with a bass guitar! Now I feel even more inspired to try it!



ikki5 said:

Bad, two crystals and he doesn't have the Red Sword, Blue Tunic or the Big Yellow shield.



GloverMist said:

I love this! I can't think of the Dark World music without thinking about its version with lyrics by DemonTomatoDave on YouTube. Seriously, look it up. It's awesome!

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