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Rivyd Announces Kenji: Rise Of A Hero For Wii U eShop, November Launch Expected

Posted by Damien McFerran

Team aiming to create "one of the most difficult games for the Wii U"

Indie studio Rivyd Incorporated has revealed that it is producing a platform title exclusively for the Wii U eShop by the name of Kenji: Rise of a Hero.

The title is expected to launch on November 25th, and is being billed as a title for "advance players, or beginners that want to better their game". It's a single-player romp, and Rivyd claim it will be "one of the most difficult games to date for the Wii U".

Details are thin on the ground at present, but according to the press release, the main character is based on Rivyd's Hiram Jaden Maldonad. Kenji's back story is interesting, to say the least:

The design of Kenji reflects Hiram in just about every way, down to the clothing. When first created, Kenji had an initial design but no name. Hiram Decided to name Kenji after "Mike Kenji Shinoda" a vocalist and keyboard player in the rock group Linkin Park. The decision came after the fact that Kenjis design was just completed, and Hiram was listening to "Kenji" by "Mike Kenji Shinoda". Hiram decided to go with a monkey, due to the fact that Hiram was born June 4th, 1992 which happened to fall on the year of the monkey on the Chinese Zodiac. The clothes Kenji bears are the same garments you will always see Hiram with. The three spikes on his head represent a "Mohawk" Hiram use to have. You can also see that Kenji’s design shares certain things in common with a lot of Hiram’s favorite video game characters.

Hiram provides clarification of why the main character is based on him, going on to speak about the other members of the team:

I really wanted to establish a connection with my character. Kenji represents just about everything about me. That tends to make it a lot easier when writing the story or any scripts. Rather than thinking what a character would do or say, I think about what I would do or say in that situation.

The game art is looking toward revamping olden-style Japanese games. Assets were firstly hand-drawn by myself and Tony Yang, and then painted digitally by Tim Prowls to give a more stunning appearance. Matched by an upbeat soundtrack penned by Lee Andrew Pancake. The game is currently being programmed and built by Terrence Andrews, Tyler Schmeda and Tim Prowls.

Aside from the teaser images, the only other piece of media is the main theme tune, which you can listen to below.

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ModestFan93 said:

Sounds interesting. But they're trying to replicate some of Nintendo's quality of difficulty? Gonna be hard but I wish them well.



Dawn-Shade said:

the art looks so mediocre.
it's like drawn by a person who are just found a free digital painting tutorial on the Internet.



Jacob_X said:

I've read about this somewhere else today. I'm quite excited. I do believe this is concept art though, not to sure. Personally I believe it looks great. Stands out. It does say hand drawn though, and then painted. Can't wait to hear more details. I'm always up for a challenge!



13RavenFRS said:

I think the game is going be great. The game looks good. Its got the old school new school look to it. We cant really judge until we play it or see gameplay. But as far as the art goes it looks like it would be fun. Just think about it, flappy birds was a simple looking game but people were highly addicted to it! Ahaha This game should do great.



Findonovan95 said:

Pretty hard to beat cloudberry kingdom for difficulty, hahaha

Man, that game wrecked my head XD I'll have to look into this more before forming an opinion.



TwilightAngel said:

The game does look good in that screenshot,but you know what i will give the game a chance.Who knows it can be amazing.



Mrclaycoat said:

The video was outstanding though! It had ups and downs and all arounds, a true emotional roller coster!



gage_wolf said:


I'm thinking you're a mole. First comment, yup. Nice try! Hyping your own game with BS comments is a sure fire way to make me NOT play this game.



gage_wolf said:


Oh, you too... Your first comment, and you randomly pick to do so for a game that has only one screenshot? Good luck with your game, Hiram.



Jacob_X said:

Not him. Simply followed a link here. Chose to comment. Had to register. So I did. Although I do follow the company, does that mean I become them? Haha
I was actually enjoying the site. Good job with it
Well I guess this is a nice welcome to the site? Haha



Moshugan said:

So far it looks and sounds like a homebrewn freeware PC game. Something someone would make in their basement with a game maker program and Fruity Loops.
Where is the Nintendo quality control? And developer pride?
I would be ashamed to announce a game this early in development, let alone attempt to publish a game with this low production quality.

Good riddance, now I'm angry.
Where is the game industry going, with all of these ''indie'' devs with their no-talent garbage trying to grab a slice of the indie-pie, and all of these sad ''early access'' games which on the most part are left forgotten?!
I actually thought Kickstarter was a good thing, but there's so many would-be's trying to trade our money for good old crap.



Moshugan said:

And don't get me started on Cloudberry Kingdom. That game looks like a half-baked Flash game, and sounds like some hobbyist trance bullcrapola.
And it's got no personality or style what so ever!



13RavenFRS said:

@gage_wolf No bud sorry man. I'm definitely far from being a video game designer or programmer. I just got a WiiU and decided to join this whole Nintendo page to check it out. That's the reason as to having a first comment. My name isn't Hirum it's Casey Alexander. I'm not some crazy groupie of the game I just think it looks like a cool idea. Sorry for the confusion bro.



13RavenFRS said:

@SetupDisk Yeah but he's entitled to his opinion just like everyone else. If it's negative it's his decision if it's positive that's cool too. If he thinks I'm the designer that's fine as well. I have nothing to prove to him bud.



GraveLordXD said:

@Moshugan lots of great indie games don't know what your smoking
I'm currently playing original sin on PC and its better than most so called AAA games on the market
You don't like kick starter or indies don't support it/them its that simple
And enlighten me on how you can tell how good a game is by looking at one screen shot? This is to everyone



Alucard83 said:

@outburst really? I don't think 3DS can have that kind of graphics. I've seen 3DS i'm not blown away with 2d sprites. Even snes looks better in 2D.



SetupDisk said:

Sorry man I usually let crap like that fly but it kinda irked me more than usual. I get what you are saying. That's usually my motto.



KryptoKrunch said:

So I guess we can't say anything positive without being accused of being a mole for this studio? Alrighty then..



Moshugan said:

@LDXD ''lots of great indie games''
I agree completely! But there's an alarming number of really bad ones too.
''You don't like kick starter or indies don't support it/them its that simple''
Believe me, I won't support them. But I do support those that I like. But I've been burned before, especially with Steam's Early Access.
''And enlighten me on how you can tell how good a game is by looking at one screen shot?''
Are you kidding me?



Pod said:

I can appreciate the "14-year-old discovers Photoshop" aesthetics.

Though I'm not sure I'd pay money for it.

It'll have to be a really really good game.



GraveLordXD said:

@Moshugan no I'm not kidding, are you telling me you can review a game based on 1 simple screen shot?
As for steam I rather GoG, I only fool with steam when I have to or if a deal is to good to pass up
I just don't see how you me or anyone can know if this game is going to be terrible or not when we don't have anything to really judge it on except this



Omenapoika said:

@LDXD If the makers of this game would have worked on publishing anything they would have rudimentary understanding of managing the looks and image of the game. The cruddy pictures just tell that these guys don't know how to present their game, and that might go for the game itself.
How can we trust that the game would be nice to play when they can't even assemble a package of media materials?
Of course it might be good and so could a meteorite fall on me, but you can totally deduce a lot of things from a single screenshot.



GraveLordXD said:

@Omenapoika you're using the right wording in "might" but we don't know because we have nothing to go by and that's my point if that's the case I guess blood borne is going to be terrible from all the blurry pictures and should just skip it
All I'm saying is let's wait and see before we pass judgment because by reading some of the comments here we should all just review games based on a few simple screen shots



Moshugan said:

@LDXD ''no I'm not kidding, are you telling me you can review a game based on 1 simple screen shot?''

Dear LDXD,
Reviewing the comments in this thread, I think no one made that kind of a claim.
Everyone, including me, just said it ''looks'' bad, or ''seems'' like it's of a poor quality. There's actually no comments that include a statement that it's going to be or is a bad (or a good) game.

And I restate that yes, I think you can form your overall expectations from the THREE screenshots I found on the web and the one musical piece linked here. Omenapoika is also very correct.
And I restate: It looks horrendous.
But heck, who knows, even if it ends up looking and sounding like this, then maybe the game mechanics are still going to be sublime!
But I'm highly doubtful...



GraveLordXD said:

@Moshugan look you and whoever can keep being pessimistic and keep doubting a game and judging by looking at a few screen shots and no game play whatsoever but I'll just keep my eye on it and judge when I have more to go by
And FYI there are plenty of comments stating that the game is going to be bad including the post right above you claiming that there's a better chance of him/her getting hit in the head by a meteor than this game being good
I just think it's funny that we can tell how good or bad a game is going to be by looking at nothing more than one two three or however many screen shots. It's just weird to me
One thing that grabs my attention is challenging game play which supposedly this game has so I'll keep an eye on this
And to be honest I don't really care for the art style either but that's just one tiny part of a game



Moshugan said:

@LDXD Well, you do have an admirably positive attitude, I'll give you that! ;D
For the developer's sake I hope they manage to produce something good and make a winning with it.
I too hope to become a dev in the near future, so I do have sympathy for other budding devs.



GraveLordXD said:

@Moshugan lol thanks and good luck with game development and just think I'll be looking at your game the same way with a positive attitude

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