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Just Dance 2015 on Wii U To Be Featured in The Nintendo Gaming Lounge During Comic-Con

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Take that, Wii version

Nintendo has already confirmed that it'll have a presence at this years San Diego Comic-Con, running from 24th to 27th July. There'll be a Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Marriott Marquis & Marina located at 333 W. Harbor Drive (adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center), and the big N has already announced a Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS tournament — that'll also be streamed online — on 25th July. Ubisoft has now confirmed its plans, including one of its titles being put on show in the Nintendo area.

Of course, there's only one title it could truly be for the Nintendo section, and that's Just Dance 2015. Although we couldn't help but roll our eyes during E3 and bemoan the decision to bring yet another entry to Wii, Ubisoft is at least going to show off the Wii U version at the event. Releasing the title on both Nintendo home consoles is good business sense for Ubisoft, though is frustrating in a period where Nintendo is striving to remind Wii owners that they should really think about upgrading to Wii U; it'll be interesting to see whether the current system's version can overhaul the last-gen equivalent for the first time this year.

Are you planning to head to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at Comic-Con and, if so, will you be getting your groove on with this one?

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ricklongo said:

I have no interest in the Just Dance franchise, but recently I got the 2014 game at a discount for my girlfriend. It was easy to notice how unnecessary those annual instalments are. I don't see her wanting another version, well, for the entire lifetime of my Wii U, truth be told. In an ideal world Ubisoft would just release new track packs as DLC for years on end and be done with it.



unrandomsam said:

There is only one title deserving of being in this section and it is the one they held back.



eaglebob345 said:

@ricklongo That should be done with AC, CoD, Just Dance, Battlefield, etc., really any game with an annual installment. I think Sony and Nintendo got it right (sorta) with Infamous, Killzone, The Last of Us, etc. for Sony and NSLU for Nintendo. Rather than making the same game with minor changes and a different story, they tossed it out as standalone stuff (actually not sure about the Killzone one). Others probably got it right too, but those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. All they need to do is release meaningful DLC, and they can run the same commercials over with "Now with X DLC!".



Mega719 said:

What about Watch Dogs? We haven't seen official footage yet you can't expect a port to sell well without any advertisement, i'm looking foward to it still



rjejr said:

It's late, I'm tired, and can't think of anything more insulting to say about JD'15 than the fact that it has only 7 posts, now 8, after 5 hours.

Still though, it's going strong, making money, and I'm posting on a blog. Wonder what JD'15 would have to say about me?



Savino said:

@rjejr hehe!
I entered here just because I saw so few posts!

Look everybody not caring about this "game" Ubi!



rjejr said:

@Savino - "Look everybody not caring about this "game" Ubi!"

The sad thing is, it will probably be one of the top selling 3rd party (emphasis on 3rd, I'm tired not a complete idiot) games on Wii U this year. behind Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Sonic Boom could give it a run for its money but I have yet to see it advertised anywhere but on here, though if they run commercials during the cartoon tv show it could get a holiday windfall.

Just Dance is for casuals, Nintendo Life is for people who like to complain about everything. Wait, I meant NL is for gamers. It s been a long day.



Ralek85 said:

I get dance games about as much as social sims Oo
Is it really just another "party game"? I can't imagine people going like "no need to go to the club tonight, we got Just Dance". Or is it kinda aimed at people living in the boonies?
I saw the Ubisoft E3 demo and it kinda freaked me out, just utterly embarrassing and all the while it didn't looked entertaining at all to me.

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