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Culture Cal Hopes to Celebrate The Holidays With This Majora's Mask Advent Calendar

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A wooden board with an etched map of Termina and 24 'mask tokens'

Our dreams of a remake reveal for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask may have gone unfulfilled during E3, but the iconic Nintendo 64 title still lives on in various fan projects and products. One example is currently seeking crowdfunding support — it's a rather charming advent calendar.

The work of Culture Cal and what the company hopes will be the first of multiple products, this is a wooden board with individual tokens for the masks from the title — one for each of the 24 days in the Christmas countdown. Below is a description from the company.

The advent calendar consists of an 8x12 wood board with an etched carving of Termina, the world where the game takes place, and 24 'mask tokens.' The map has been recreated as a Tolkien-esque fantasy map, and the tokens are artistic recreations lacquered on wooden coins. There are 24 small hooks secured in the map, and for each day of the advent season owners add a token of their choice to the map. At the end of the holiday season, all masks tokens are displayed proudly on a board that fits comfortably on any number of household or business surfaces.

It certainly looks attractive, and is seeking a total of $7,500 in funding, with the full calendar — which can naturally be re-used every year — coming in at the $50 reward tier. Should this campaign be successful franchises such as Batman, Dr. Who, Pokemon, Fallout and Elder Scrolls are lined up for future products; this is a small-scale project, so hopefully licensing concerns won't be an issue.

You can see full details at the Kickstarter page — is this the kind of handicraft you'd like to own?

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MegaAdam said:

Licensing concerns won't be an issue? Get real. He can't sell calendars with Nintendo characters without having a licensing agreement in place.



DreamOn said:

Looks like a Boy Scout sash more than an advent calendar. Although if he is looking to escape a failed licensing application, it might be best



Mega719 said:

Interesting enough Nintendo is expanding the licensing market makes no sense they would shut this down



ManateeBlubber said:

Ironic, when you think about what Zelda generally represents, and what Advent generally represents...



Iggly said:

For a second I thought those 24 mask tokens were cookies with Zelda mask designs hanging on a wall.



ueI said:

I can't for the life of me figure out which mask the black hexagon is.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Thanks for the idea.
Now if i ever wanted to have something like this as an advent calender i'd make it myself (and probably play the game along with it).



StarDust4Ever said:

I can't imagine this will be successful. The guy behind it has passion and the build quality is very nice, however it's just not really a desirable piece to own IMO. If this guy redirected his energy in a new direction, I could see it being a hit item.



ueI said:

@Hero_of_Time I checked a Zelda wiki and compared the masks, and I could only identify the giant's mask through elimination. The resemblance is lost upon me.

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