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Real-Life Mario Kart Event Brings a Community Together in Japan

Posted by Conor McMahon

Not a blue shell in sight!

The streets of Shibuya, Tokyo were transformed into a Mushroom Kingdom speedway last weekend, as a group of kart-drivers in full costume got together for a multiplayer session not to be forgotten.

The event was organised by the members of Tokyo Gaijins, a Japan-based community group dedicated to bringing overseas and local people together with a series of fun events. On March 16th Akiba Karts rented out a go-kart convoy to 26 eager members for some real-life Mario Kart, and before you shout out warnings of banana peels and sudden lava pits, the gang was assured that they're safe enough to ride without helmets.

If any plumbers somehow forgot to bring their overalls (for shame...), then members could even avail of a costume rental system during the event. The community was encouraged to dress up and have fun, and there's another day of karting coming up in April for anyone itching for a second lap.

The club is open to anyone living in Japan, with 70% of their members being non-natives. Many events are held outside the Tokyo area too, such as snowboarding or paragliding, though we've yet to see the announcement of a full Flower Cup Grand Prix.

Which Mario Kart racer would you dress as to participate in an event like this? Be sure to let us know with a comment below!


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Intrepid said:

"Not a blue shell in sight!"

This alone makes this better than the actual game



Shirma_Akayaku said:

"Which Mario Kart racer would you dress as to participate in an event like this?"
I think it's pretty obvious who I would dress as... Elsa...

I meant Rosalina...

Actually Luigi Green Mario since his year is over.



GalacticMario28 said:

I could see myself dressing up in a Yoshi costume, though it might be hard to see while wearing something like that.



K-Gamer said:

Pikachu? Only other franchise I see entering Mario Kart that isn't Mario or Donkey Kong is Kirby and Kirby alone.



Gioku said:

What's with the Pikachu people? Either:

  • they didn't know what they were going to;
  • or they've never played Mario Kart.


timp29 said:

Awww crap. I was just there and decided to go to shinjuku instead of shibuya last minute.



JaxonH said:

Only in Japan folks... where else in the world can you see this kind of stuff?

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