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Fiendishly Tricky Precision Platformer Chubbins Is Bouncing To The Wii U eShop

Posted by Jowi Meli

Formerly exclusive to iOS

Two-man indie developer Dahku Creations released precision platformer Chubbins to iOS devices last year. Unfortunately, the game's high level of difficulty turned off a lot of users in that particular market. After working out some of the early details, Dahku is finally able to bring the game to a place where it will evidently feel much more at home: the Wii U eShop.

Chubbins is an intense platforming adventure with simple mechanics--all players must do to control the titular pudgy bunny through 40 levels is move him left and right. Of course, there's also a catch: Chubbins never stops bouncing, so focus and fast fingers will be mandatory assets on your journey past the myriad obstacles and enemies.

The Wii U version will be getting some goodies not found in the iOS iterations. First and foremost, the addition of an entirely new mode — Time Attack — will allow players to return to previous levels and aim for a record time, for both normal and boss stages. Secondly, the game's "Casual" and "Classic" difficulty levels have been renamed "Soft" and "Hard," respectively, with the former mode also receiving a few handy tutorials to help newbies on their way. In addition, numerous other bits will be fixed and tidied up, making Wii U the definitive place to experience Chubbins' quest.

Dahku is still hard at work bringing this indie experience to Nintendo's platform and are consequently unable to nail down specific release details. Tentatively, the developers are aiming for a May debut, so be on the lookout for details in the next few months.

Is a challenging precision platformer like Chubbins your kind of game? Will you be jumping on board when the plump little rabbit makes his final hop to the Wii U eShop?

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DreamOn said:

Yes any kind of game is bound to find a home on the eShop. I'm sure in the future the eShop will have one of the most unique catalogue of games due the combination of indies and Nintendo and the gamers who lovingly buy Nintendo consoles.



epicdude12302 said:

I decided I was going to buy it within the first second of seeing the fat rabbit at the begginging of the video



kokirii said:

This game is obviously interesting and novel as an iPhone (touch screen) offering, but what would it be without that novelty? What is the point of having it on Wii U??



hcfwesker said:

need to fix the typo in the article title ... it says a game is coming to WiiU, was this a mistake



Gerbwmu said:

Depends on price point.......looks like it would be a challenge but it isn't exactly a great promo video.....maybe some additional worlds would make it seem more varied. If it is a decent price I'd give it a chance as it looks simple yet hard.



CDBz said:

If it is cheap and I have some money left over I will buy it but I wont be putting money into the eShop just for this.



dahkuToby said:

Hey everyone! I'm one of the two guys that makes up Dahku Creations, so I wanted to pop in and thank everyone for their comments and address a few things.

@JustinH There's a time for amazing graphics and a time for simple graphics; what you see is the game's intended style, clean and simple so as not to distract from the gameplay. Sorry if it looks iPhoney to you.

@epicdude12302 Haha, thank you!

@kokirii While the controls were designed to be simple and accessible enough for casual touch screen play, the "novelty" of it ends there; the game itself always was more suited to hardcore systems for its intense platforming. Don't let the simplicity of the controls fool you.

@XCWarrior Your disapproval towards "lazy mobile ports" on the Wii U is certainly understandable, and in fact we quite agree in principle. But for us it feels less like a port and more like Chubbins will finally be where he belongs. We mostly targeted the iOS market out of convenience (and Wii U for indies wasn't a thing back then), but mobile really isn't our thing at all- we grew up as hardcore Nintendo players and we feel that Chubbins reflects that well.

@Gerbwmu @CDBz We've yet to decide on a price, so we'd be interested in hearing what you guys would consider to be a reasonable price point for Chubbins.

Anyway, I visit Nintendo Life everyday so we'll definitely be listening to everyone's feedback on our stuff, so thanks all who commented! And a huge thanks to Nintendo Life for covering us; we really appreciate it.



strongest_link said:

Mechanically, this game looks somewhat interesting. But there's a lot to be desired in terms of visuals and music. It may be appropriate for playing on a smart phone, but it doesn't really work on a console.



Gerbwmu said:

@dahkuToby — Just my opinion, and it is only based on what little I know about it at this point, but for $3.99 I'd probably buy it after reading a review. Less then that and I'd probably buy just to support you as a member of the NintendoLife community. more then $4 would probably be a tough sell to me but again it depends on when it comes out and what I hear about the game after release.

Thanks for taking the time to ask and post on the news article. GOOD LUCK!



unrandomsam said:

Reminds me of Beans Quest which I didn't really like.

There again the levels are the most important thing (e.g 14px it is loads better than my mind tells me it should be).



XCWarrior said:

@dahkuToby Thanks for responding. I'll always read reviews and the game gets good recommendations I will certainly look into it. Will it have online leaderboards? Cause I'll say right now you have my interest by a lot more if it does, really get annoyed how games with score based levels like this one lack that.



Plutonian said:

Haha damn, 1-6 stopped the player in his/her tracks. Looks fun, but I agree that the music should be improved, more diversity would be great. I would also like online leader boards. I'm slightly concerned about glitching. At 1:10 Cubbins appears to bounce through the blocks. I like my precision platformers to be clean and reliable. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more.



dahkuToby said:

@strongest_link Thanks for your feedback. As it turns out we received A LOT of harsh negativity yesterday regarding the game's graphics, so much so that we wrote up a blog post stating our reasoning behind the style and requesting more in-depth feedback on the matter.
That said, we'd greatly welcome more specific feedback from you or anyone else here who feels the same way. @JustinH

@Gerbwmu Thanks! To be honest, I must say I'm surprised given the amount of content and replay value Chubbins offers that it strikes you as a $4 eShop game, but perhaps this relates to its graphical presentation? In any case we appreciate your response and will certainly keep it in mind as development continues.

@XCWarrior Someone once called Chubbins "the perfect game for leaderboard competition", but unfortunately very few people took advantage of that feature on iOS. With that in mind and taking into consideration time and budget constraints we're not planning on implementing online leaderboards for the eShop launch. However this is definitely a feature we'd like to update with if the game is successful enough for us to swing it. Thanks for your input on the subject.

@Plutonian Thanks! As a matter of fact, Chubbins is supposed to bounce through blocks; it figures directly into the gameplay and is part of what makes the game unique in our eyes as there are no true solids. The precision of the engine received high praise from review sites and fans of the genre alike, so if you give it a try we hope you'll find it to your liking.

Also, just thought I should mention that the video posted here isn't an official trailer or anything, but rather a random playthrough done by someone else. We have an official iOS trailer on our YouTube channel, and we'll be putting out a new trailer closer to its Wii U launch.



JustinH said:

@dahkuToby OK. First of all I didn't say it here, but I do think the game looks interesting mechanically.

I think my first issue is the game looks really empty. There's so much that can be done on a screen as opposed to a phone, and it looks like Chubbins isn't doing it. If you haven't already, look at Kung Fu Rabbit, a somewhat similar game ported from phones to Wii U. I don't think they did a perfect job by any means, but they managed to make the world feel full.

I think my other issue is that while I like Chubbins himself, the assets taken as a whole feel cobbled together. Perhaps there's something you could do to tie them together — use a bold filter, maybe play with the colours to make it all feel related. I honestly think this game could be great with striking visuals.

The biggest thing? Those backgrounds have got to go. They've too empty and too primitive. Even if you textured them — make them look like weathered stone or polished steel — that might do it.

Looking forward to the project!



strongest_link said:

@dahkuToby Specifically, I'd like to see more interesting and varied backgrounds as well as a soundtrack with a longer loop. Also, I would want to see different backgrounds and hear different music themes as I progressed from level to level.



XCWarrior said:

@dahkuToby First off kudos for taking some harsh criticism/comments on here and taking it in stride. I know gamers (including myself at times) can be a harsh bunch.

I get what you are saying about leaderboards not being taken advantage of on mobile gaming, but 99% of those people are super casual players. But I understand the logic.

I think other people are saying stuff about the graphics. That's not of my concern, mainly because Edge on WiiU/3DS is very simplistic but a ton of fun (also could use online leaderboards for best time, but that's besides the matter).

Anywho, hope the WiiU specific trailer makes the game look a bit better. And at least you are listening to potential buyers. Way better than some "AAA" devs out there.



dahkuToby said:

@JustinH @strongest_link Thanks a lot for your input! Not much response on the issue today so you guys are very helpful. Backgrounds have been a common point of complaint so we're definitely considering adjustments there, and we'll keep in mind the rest of your feedback as well. Much appreciated!

@XCWarrior Yeah, some folks have been really harsh, but while it can be pretty disheartening we're always open to feedback of any kind; in the end we hope our games will be better for it and it helps us grow as developers. Also nice to be able to connect with guys like you who have more than just criticism to offer and get a better understanding of their perceptions. Thanks again for your feedback and support!

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