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dahkuToby commented on Review: Soon Shine (Wii U eShop):

@sinalefa Thanks for picking up Chubbins!

We're very aware of the desire for mid-world save functionality and would like to implement it, however updating hasn't been a priority as we were pressed for time to get Soon Shine out by a certain date; if its sales don't go well we won't be in a position to work with the Wii U anymore, so here's hoping.

Hope you're enjoying Chubbins regardless, and remember if quit mid-world it does save your progress via Time Attack so you can practice the more difficult levels.



dahkuToby commented on Review: Soon Shine (Wii U eShop):

@JakeShapiro Thanks. Yeah, while platform games are our favorite we definitely enjoy all sorts of game design and Soon Shine seemed like a good move after Chubbins was received as too difficult. Here's hoping it performs well enough to allow us to continue making bigger and better things.

@Pixel-Perfect Thanks, glad you like it!

@brandonbwii Thanks; we certainly have more ambitious goals in mind if we survive in this industry, but it's nice to know our small, humble works are appreciated. We hope you enjoy Soon Shine if you give it a go.

@WiiLovePeace As much as we'd love them to, sad to say it's unlikely; we'll have to see how Soon Shine fares, but Chubbins didn't sell nearly well enough to warrant the extra cost and effort it takes to release outside the Americas at present. We certainly appreciate your interest though.



dahkuToby commented on Review: Soon Shine (Wii U eShop):

Thank you for another honest, objective review, @JakeShapiro! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to do so. While it's a shame Soon Shine scored lower than Chubbins we're glad you found it to be generally enjoyable, and especially pleased that the graphics were a highlight. We definitely strove for a more crowd-pleasing look this time around.

@sinalefa We'd certainly appreciate it! Hope you enjoy them if you do.

Not really in direct response to this review per se, but something I would like to say as developer to anyone reading: many will probably concur that the gameplay is "easy to a fault" and better for "younger, less experienced players". While most admittedly this game was made keeping in mind the harsh criticisms dealt to Chubbins for its difficulty, we don't consider this a game where "easy" or "hard" really plays into it. Tetris, for example, was a big inspiration for the style of this game, and in such a game it's never really hard--it's all about how good you can get and how far you can go. Anyone can effortlessly stack blocks, but not anyone can stack them well enough to set world records. To that end, I'd like to encourage anyone who picks this up to give a look to the game's eManual to get the most meat out of the gameplay.

Anyway, thanks again to Nintendo Life for reviewing and covering our works! You guys rock.



dahkuToby commented on Review: Mega Man 5 (Wii U eShop / NES):

MM5 was my first Mega Man and is still my personal favorite of the Classic series; nice to see it snag an 8/10 and be getting a bit of love in the comments as it always seems to be incredibly under-appreciated. I love its music, graphics, designs, overall atmosphere, levels, story, etc... it may not have introduced anything new and exciting and its weapon selection wasn't the greatest, but I've always felt it to be a very rock-solid Mega Man experience.



dahkuToby commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

Also on the "Wii U eShop Temporary Discount" is Chubbins, which is %50 off ($2.99) through 7/10.

Sorry we didn't give you guys a heads up, @ThomasBW84 - our first time putting something on sale so we weren't sure if the eShop made it obvious or not.



dahkuToby commented on Review: Chubbins (Wii U eShop):

Our sincere thanks to @JakeShapiro and Nintendo Life for a positive and honest review of Chubbins! As @MrWalkieTalkie said we have been getting a lot of negativity that seems to stem from the game's iOS background, so we really appreciate you reviewing the game based on its own pros and cons without even mentioning its unfortunate origins.

@Oragami Regarding its length, for most it seems to take a few hours to beat the game on one of the two difficulty settings, and then there's the other difficulty and Time Attack for further replay value. Of course, it can vary a lot; for seasoned players a run through all worlds on a single difficulty mode can be as fast as 25 minutes.

And big thanks to anyone here planning on giving Chubbins a go- we really appreciate your support!



dahkuToby commented on Cruel and Cuddly Platformer Chubbins Sent to N...:

Hey all! I'm one of the two developers behind the game, in case you didn't see me in the previous Chubbins post.

Wow, so much negativity... again. Can't help but wonder if it's just the "coming from iOS" thing, which is a shame since we never liked that market/platform to begin with; while it was designed with iOS in mind, we feel that Chubbins should have been on a Nintendo platform in the first place. We're porting Chubbins because we feel it's a quality title that deserves a second chance, not to make a quick buck while turning the eShop into the next App Store.

Regarding the "looks like crap" attitude, well, what can we say? We like the graphic style ourselves, and regardless, Chubbins is most definitely about the gameplay over everything else and offers a solid platforming/speedrunning experience with plenty of content and replay value.

Anyway, our sincere thanks to everyone who left some positivity behind! If reviews are favorable and you give it a try we hope you'll enjoy it.

@Phantom_R Afraid I don't really understand your comment. Chubbins was left with exactly the same "zoom" as it had on iOS (which the game and its levels were designed around), only now at 1080 widescreen as opposed to potentially getting clipped by a 4:3 iPad. Visibility has never been better.

@GreatPlayer Is there something that strikes you as "inconvenient" about the controls in Chubbins?

@TimLatshaw Thanks to you and Nintendo Life for covering us! We really appreciate it. And glad you like the name Chubbins (I hope?). Funnily enough you're not the first we've seen to latch onto and keep saying it in such a fashion. XD



dahkuToby commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

I was a big fan of Smash 64, and I still play hardcore Melee to this day; it's easily among my favorite games of all time. While I respect other folks loving Brawl, sadly to my personal preference it was a skip-worthy game that, after giving it fair time with friends, I never considered purchasing. I've been curious about Project M for awhile now and may eventually pick up a copy of Brawl just to try it out, so I'd say "fixing" is an appropriate word for some players.



dahkuToby commented on Fiendishly Tricky Precision Platformer Chubbin...:

@JustinH @strongest_link Thanks a lot for your input! Not much response on the issue today so you guys are very helpful. Backgrounds have been a common point of complaint so we're definitely considering adjustments there, and we'll keep in mind the rest of your feedback as well. Much appreciated!

@XCWarrior Yeah, some folks have been really harsh, but while it can be pretty disheartening we're always open to feedback of any kind; in the end we hope our games will be better for it and it helps us grow as developers. Also nice to be able to connect with guys like you who have more than just criticism to offer and get a better understanding of their perceptions. Thanks again for your feedback and support!



dahkuToby commented on Fiendishly Tricky Precision Platformer Chubbin...:

@strongest_link Thanks for your feedback. As it turns out we received A LOT of harsh negativity yesterday regarding the game's graphics, so much so that we wrote up a blog post stating our reasoning behind the style and requesting more in-depth feedback on the matter.
That said, we'd greatly welcome more specific feedback from you or anyone else here who feels the same way. @JustinH

@Gerbwmu Thanks! To be honest, I must say I'm surprised given the amount of content and replay value Chubbins offers that it strikes you as a $4 eShop game, but perhaps this relates to its graphical presentation? In any case we appreciate your response and will certainly keep it in mind as development continues.

@XCWarrior Someone once called Chubbins "the perfect game for leaderboard competition", but unfortunately very few people took advantage of that feature on iOS. With that in mind and taking into consideration time and budget constraints we're not planning on implementing online leaderboards for the eShop launch. However this is definitely a feature we'd like to update with if the game is successful enough for us to swing it. Thanks for your input on the subject.

@Plutonian Thanks! As a matter of fact, Chubbins is supposed to bounce through blocks; it figures directly into the gameplay and is part of what makes the game unique in our eyes as there are no true solids. The precision of the engine received high praise from review sites and fans of the genre alike, so if you give it a try we hope you'll find it to your liking.

Also, just thought I should mention that the video posted here isn't an official trailer or anything, but rather a random playthrough done by someone else. We have an official iOS trailer on our YouTube channel, and we'll be putting out a new trailer closer to its Wii U launch.



dahkuToby commented on Fiendishly Tricky Precision Platformer Chubbin...:

Hey everyone! I'm one of the two guys that makes up Dahku Creations, so I wanted to pop in and thank everyone for their comments and address a few things.

@JustinH There's a time for amazing graphics and a time for simple graphics; what you see is the game's intended style, clean and simple so as not to distract from the gameplay. Sorry if it looks iPhoney to you.

@epicdude12302 Haha, thank you!

@kokirii While the controls were designed to be simple and accessible enough for casual touch screen play, the "novelty" of it ends there; the game itself always was more suited to hardcore systems for its intense platforming. Don't let the simplicity of the controls fool you.

@XCWarrior Your disapproval towards "lazy mobile ports" on the Wii U is certainly understandable, and in fact we quite agree in principle. But for us it feels less like a port and more like Chubbins will finally be where he belongs. We mostly targeted the iOS market out of convenience (and Wii U for indies wasn't a thing back then), but mobile really isn't our thing at all- we grew up as hardcore Nintendo players and we feel that Chubbins reflects that well.

@Gerbwmu @CDBz We've yet to decide on a price, so we'd be interested in hearing what you guys would consider to be a reasonable price point for Chubbins.

Anyway, I visit Nintendo Life everyday so we'll definitely be listening to everyone's feedback on our stuff, so thanks all who commented! And a huge thanks to Nintendo Life for covering us; we really appreciate it.