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UK Retailer, GAME, To Hold Special Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Day Next Week

Posted by Mark Green

In select stores, of course

Yes, at last it’s finally here, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has landed in the UK and US. It’s been three years since the primate pilgrim had his own private outing, but we’re just as happy to see him now as we were all those years ago; to celebrate the simian superstar’s frosty return UK retailer, GAME, is dedicating a whole day to him next week.

On 28th February – from 10am to 5pm – nine of the retailer’s nationwide stores will have the latest Wii U title playable for the masses to try out. If you’re not currently sold on picking up the new DK adventure, then this is a fantastic opportunity for you to not only to see the game in action for yourself, but to get together with like-minded people in your area. If you’ve already got your copy however – or if you’re planning on picking it up soon – some stores are said to be holding time trial events with the game as well, so it’ll be a good time to show off your skills. Not only that but there are sure to be a lot of people about, and - if you have your 3DS handy - it’s the perfect chance to go hunting for StreetPass hits.

It is a shame that only nine stores are taking part in this event, and one wonders why it’s happening next week and not on the game’s launch day, but even so it might be worth popping into your local GAME if you live near one of the select areas. The participating stores are listed below, so see if you’re one of the lucky nine and get your Donkey Kong on!

Glasgow (Braehead)
Leeds (White Rose)
Manchester (Trafford Centre)
Peterborough (Serpentine)
Stratford London
Weston Favell


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Warbeard said:

Thought for a sec it was all the GAME stores :/ That doesnt seem like a lot tbh, but every little thing



Nintenjoe64 said:

I bought my Gamecube and many excellent games in GAME Portsmouth when I was a student



rjejr said:

"and one wonders why it’s happening next week and not on the game’s launch day"

I wonder why it's on a Friday instead of a Saturday? Does Game not like kids or employed adults in their stores? If it was the Friday of release I'ld understand. Gamestop in the US tends to have stuff on Sat.



smikey said:

I go to leeds at least once a week ( though rarely venture into game anymore) haven't been to the white rose shopping centre for a while but if the game staff in that store are as bad as the game staff in the centre of leeds the event won't be advertised and will be a complete waste of time.
Game as a company have little interest in nintendo & most of their staff spend more time trying to sell you non nintendo related stuff than actuallyvjust serving you (when your stood waiting to pay for your nintendo items)
I've lost count of how many times they try sell me an xbox when I bought a wii u game.

I assume this is just some stupid idea of theirs to say hey Nintendo we're doing this event thing with dk please give us more exclusives so we can rip off your fans even more.

Game don't care about Nintendo i've even had a manager tell me that they don't seem to realise the more successful all the consoles are the more money everybody makes even them & their extortionate prices.



Boxmonkey said:

9 stores is that it I live in the south west so the nearest one to me will be Portsmouth which is a very close 145 miles. Seems like a bot of a non story for most people.



unrandomsam said:

None of those are in the City Centres they all in out of town shopping centres and on a Friday just seems a stupid thing to do. (At least the Northern ones).



RainbowGazelle said:

@smikey666 Interseting. I go to GAME here in Glenrothes, and although they don't exactly promote Nintendo much, they've never tried to sell me other stuff when buying Wii U games. They're all really nice.



Squashy said:

Ooo I would love to go to this, perhaps I can convince my Parents that we should go on a family outing to Portsmouth!

@Nintenjoe64 Did you ever go in the other Portsmouth branch of GAME that was in the Cascades centre? It closed a few years ago and it's now become a shop called 'lol'. I'm not making that up it really is called lol haha!



RetroRich said:

Sorry i have no clue how to do a personal message on here.
I live in Leeds too.
I read your profile. Im going for a full pal gamecube set and have a loads of swaps if you are interested in swapping or buying let me know.



Luna-Harmony said:

Very cool i got my copy today from with the bonus keyring it's wonderful.
I was there for Dk snes day 1 launch back in the day and worked in a toyshop at the time and had a donkey kong is back t-shirt with donkey kongs back on the back of the t-shirt.



erv said:

I actually bought tropical freeze through them just yesterday. I mean, 20% cheaper than nintendo's offering and getting the code emailed to you just getting the exact same product? Thank you game.

This digital market should grow in size soon:)



unrandomsam said:

@erv It won't whilst Game has an artificial monopoly like this. (Basically amounts to a subsidy from Nintendo which is totally undeserved as in the shops they hate anything Nintendo other than used).

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