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Bravely Default Producer Inspired by 90210 and Glee

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Saving the world is like going to high school

Bravely Default producer Tomoya Asano was recently kind enough to field a question on the Nintendo Handheld Gaming Facebook page, revealing his inspirations behind the game's plot.

Asano started off with the somewhat predictable — yet understandable — response of establishing a fantasy RPG setting revolving around crystals and cute, exaggerated characters so that fans could jump in comfortably. After establishing that, however, he added there were other outside sources that held creative influence, including foreign TV and games:

I used the methodology of American TV dramas like the older Beverly Hills 90210 (I’m a huge fan!), and Glee as references. In terms of games, a number of games developed outside of Japan had major influence on the storytelling. So if you think about it, I guess you could call Bravely Default a traditional Japanese RPG with American content thrown in.

Few probably ever expected their JRPG to contain intentional notes of a '90s show about Californian teens, but there you have it. If it contributes to games as good as Bravely Default, someone should make sure Asano has the entire boxed set of the series!

If you've played Bravely Default, do you agree with Asano's sentiment that it's like a JRPG with American content? Does something about its story click with you now that you know some more about its creation? Let us know in the comments.


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Kaze_Memaryu said:

Well, now I know why so many characters and NPC's are so insanely arrogant and/or self-absorbed, but I couldn't really notice any references of the teen show variety...



player310 said:

So are Beverly Hills housewives' problems caused by hair dyes and fairy wings???



Smitherenez said:

Interesting! I know those shows because my sister and mom always had to watch them, but I haven't really noticed something that shows off these inspirations. The story still feels really JRPG'ish.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Smitherenez That's because jrpg'ish is really only western culture 10-15 years behind us. I've always said Japan has been trying to copy the western civilization only they seem to be a decade behid or so! Tech is more advanced in some aspects but not the way they live.



Wawawaaaario said:

Some games i have played had a teen drama plot element INCLUDING Final Fantasy series so I'm not fully surprised for that.



element187 said:

"Bravely Default Producer Inspired by 90210 and Glee"

Uhh comments like that will drive me away from the game.



Magikarp3 said:

Yeah, I totally couldn't tell. The amount Bravely Default has in common with a teen drama is pretty much zero.

wait, if it's a JRPG with Western influences... why didn't they plan a worldwide release for it?



element187 said:

@MAN1AC I don't doubt its a good game, but if I didn't know anything about Bravely Default and they said its like Glee or 90210, I would seriously pass.



WYLD-WOO said:

This made me crack up... Are sure sure???? I don`t see that in the game but I have never watched them shows. All I care about is BRAVELY SECOND and THIRD.



CanisWolfred said:

@vnminh1999 Glee's kinda corny. I never saw 90210, though. I can't imagine it was that bad. In fact, it was pretty influential...some people just don't like Teen Dramas, though. Which is weird, since even the best JRPGs never elevate themselves above Teen fiction, storywise.



Gressil said:

This game is an utter masterpiece. Anyone with a 3DS and wanderlust needn't doubt this statement: You need this game.

As far as the inspiration goes... people who are judging it are gravely mistaken. It merely gives the game an enjoyable air and it's easy to understand everyones' plight. It all goes well and nothing feels gimmicky. And if you dislike the characters for any odd reason the complexity of the combat system and job system will swallow your qualms because you'll be too busy crunching numbers.



LoveSugoi said:

Aren't most JRPG's typically teen dramas? I've rarely come across a cast that's say in their 30's/40's, they're usually hormonal teenagers and 20-something's with maybe one or two actual adults around. Why should this be surprising? lol

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