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Weirdness: It's Finally Here, a Labrador Retriever-Themed 2DS Case

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Paws for thought

When the 2DS launched Nintendo also weighed in with official colour-matching cases, a necessity due to the tablet form stripping away the screen protection of the original clamshell design. It's only natural that third-party companies join in with their own versions, and one that's been confirmed for the UK market is the pictured Labrador Retriever case.

It holds the system and six games within a soft interior, and the potential selling point is that it "comes delivered in its own kennel design packaging". For youngsters that also happen to like Nintendogs, this may be attractive — it'll cost £12.99, no price was given in Euros and it doesn't seem to be around in North America; step it up, importers.

The main benefit is that this way 2DS owners can constantly have an adorable puppy staring at them... all the time.


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ThomasBW84 said:

@Assassinated If you mean "why this article", mainly because the picture amused me and can make some people smile. Just because, in other words.



XavandSo said:

Step it up indeed, myself.
My little brother has a thing for Doges, so I'll see about importing in the near future. Thanks again Nintendo Life for making my wallet cry!



Pokefanmum82 said:

i wish they had one of those for the XL so I could get one for me and my daughter. my son is the only one who has a 2DS and he already has a case for it.



Mowzle said:

It's adorable. Almost makes me want to rush out and get me a 2DS.
It's those appealing eyes!



rjejr said:

Considering what a horrible eyesore I think the 2DS this, this cover is really nice. That white faux leather w/ white stitching makes me think it needs some hippie flower power decals on the inside cover though.



Kolzig said:

What's the best case for 3DS XL? One that can keep it safe and have space for many 3DS cartridges? I have found maybe two good ones on American Amazon but seem quite rare to find in Europe.

It sucks since I already scratched the shell of my XL and also I didn't put the screen plastic covers in place so I have a few tiny scratches on the screens as well.



Freelance said:

Don't have a 2DS, but if I did, I'd buy it IF it featured a real labrador retriever. That cartoon dog looks kinda scary.

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