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Video: This Bravely Default Trailer Gives a Handy Gameplay Overview

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Plus it has that awesome music

Bravely Default is creeping ever closer to its North American release on 7th February. It's received plenty of praise for in Europe and Japan to date, and Nintendo of America continues to gear up its marketing campaign to promote the title's arrival.

Two new videos have been released recently, one of which is a rather handy two minute summary of various key gameplay mechanics — if you want to know more about core moves in as little time as possible, this video is a good starting point. In contrast there's also a TV commercial, which focuses mostly on cinematics and emphasizing a very deep, dramatic voice-over — epic stuff.

Check out both videos below and let us know what you think.

Gameplay trailer

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TV advert

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EOTW said:

I want this game so bad right now. It's been so long since Iv'e played a good old school RPG.



gamerphil07 said:

I got the demo and started on normal. I didn't enjoy it. then I restarted on Easy. And then it hit me. I suck at RPG's. It's really fun, though.



unrandomsam said:

There is a point where you can waste a lot of time (say 10-20 hours) doing nothing productive or probably use the pay to win option. It is not really an old school RPG. There are none I have ever played that have had the balance set like Square Enix seems to like these days. (The After Years on the Wii is a similar type of thing - the last part anyway).



Bassman_Q said:

That battle system kind of reminds me of the one in Radiant Historia, where you could swap your turn with an enemy's to attack more than once and chain combos together. Of course, I probably shouldn't get this game til I finish that game haha.



hiptanaka said:

Tried the demo yesterday. Seems fun as long as the full game isn't too padded with samey fights. I like the customization, which is very much like FF5.



FantasiaWHT said:

Been playing the demo a lot. I've been playing on hard, yet it seems like I can win almost every non-boss fight easily simply by using max brave points at the start of every fight (having all my characters attack 4 times in the first turn). Kinda dull. I like the customization, though! Very similar to FF:T and FF:V.



Spoony_Tech said:

@FantasiaWHT Yes but if you happen to fail at killing the monsters then you are open for continuous attacks. Of course you are obviously strong enough that that won't happen. I know you know that but others might not.

Why is it that every trailer i see it just keeps looking better and better?! This will be epic!



sdw4527 said:

@PvtOttobot Man, I hate how people always say 2 different music tracks sound the same because they have similar instruments. They sound nothing alike at all, all they have are similar flute like instruments. The BD overworld track sounds way more like Ni No Kuni's than Spirit Track's. You're grasping at straws here.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@sdw4527 First of all, never played Ni no Kuni so, irrelevant to my decision to say it sounds like spirit tracks. Secondly stop talking crap: Both tracks completely feature a similar sounding instrument, they both have a general epic and open feel, they both focus on the emphasis of finishing long notes, they both contain a repeating (but slightly differing each time) chorus and they both follow the general structure of med med med low, med med med high then a higher second part then back again. All in all, they are really very similar, Spirit tracks is obviously faster and more percussion focused but still retains it's likeness, trust me I've listened to Spirit Tracks one two many times!



sdw4527 said:

@PvtOttobot I've listened to Spirit Tracks' overworld theme a lot of times too (it's personally one of my favorite Zelda tunes of all time). And imo, they seriously don't sound anything alike. Sure, they might have similar formats, but is that any different from any other video game track? If I listen very closely, the only resemblence to ST is the percussion emphasis in the background and maybe, just maybe, the flute (though that's pushing it in my books). In all honesty, I think you have too much bias towards Spirit Tracks...You try being a composer and coming up with good pieces of music if you think this is such a rip off of Spirit Tracks -_-

If you compare Joe Hisaishi's work and Revo's (the composer for BD's OST), you'll notice a lot of similarities, way more than supposed ST's... Pretty sure Revo was heavily inspired by Hisaishi.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Rip off?! Yep, that right there is a DIRECT quote from me, and completely my point, along with the fact that I can apparently compose better music? No. I was only noting their similarity, not artists' similarities, not games' similarities, just the raw feeling and sound of both of them. I love the open and adventurous vibe they both give off, and when I first heard the Field Rupe song, my mind wandered back to spirit tracks and its main theme specifically. I only mentioned the song because I couldn't get enough of it after playing the demo; "That music? THIS MUSIC!" means, sure that's good, but listen to this awesomeness! Not, I could do better any day, or it's such a rip off!



unrandomsam said:

Don't get this it is not very good. (There is part of the design where you get the choice to pay to win or waste 15hrs for no good reason).

Compared to the best Square JRPG's it is like comparing Rolf Harris to Leonardo Da Vinci

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