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Video: Capcom's Local Japanese Commercials For Monster Hunter 4 Are Pretty Funny

Posted by Damien McFerran

Cats, singers and wrestlers all feature

Monster Hunter 4 launched in Japan last year but Capcom is giving the title another promotional push on home soil with a series of commercials which are exclusive to different regions in the country.

These ads — which you can view below — range from strange to downright hilarious, and only serve to make the wait for the western release of this epic game even more difficult. If you're still keen for more, check out our video preview which focuses on the first 30 minutes of the game.


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Which one is your favourite? Let us know by posting a comment below.


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DarkSplatoonLink said:

Jspsn is awesome. There were billboards for this everywhere the week of its release, and they showed all the long lines on the news! I'd already spent too much money to buy the game, as it was towards the end of my trip sadly.



Anneke said:

Wow great catwoman! Too bad that we don't get these kind of commercials.
Still playing MH3U on the WiiU, can't wait for MH4!



ajcismo said:

Just watched all of them, and I have no idea as to what just happened.



edhe said:

I liked Hiroshima's and Kagawa's. The rest were just too baffling.



yojo said:

This game is so freakin' good. It really is a step above MH3U, and I haven't even tried playing online yet!



Therrus said:

Cool, now use that money to localize it and bring it to the west(not just NA btw...think about other people too yaknow ).



Shambo said:

I can't wait... I have the MH Tri Ultimate Hunter pack for Wii, and MH3U on Wii U and 3DS. That's three times three. And over 300 hours on Wii, and again on Wii U and 3 DS combined via data transfer. Time for four, my fourth Monster Hunter, and I'm guessing 400 hours of gameplay.



Bender said:

I love the one from Miyagi I've studied Samurai for a long long time, and have even done research papers and demonstrations of Katana through watermelon action! XD I think my first game I'll make (when I get through software/game development classes in college) will have to be a Samurai-themed dungeon crawling 16-and-a-half bit super game xD

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