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Monochroma Release Delayed on All Platforms

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nowhere Studios provides an unofficial new release window for Wii U

Last year we directed your attention to Monochroma, a successfully crowdfunded project that promises much with a 1950s dystopian setting and attractive visuals. A puzzle platformer with four chapters weighing in at around 90 minutes each, it scraped past its target to secure releases on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3 and, most importantly for us, Wii U.

Developer Nowhere Studios had targeted a December 2013 release on PC et al, with the Wii U version following the PS3 iteration in May this year; as it's now late January and the initially release hasn't happened, clearly that wasn't on the cards. The developer has now published an update on its Kickstarter page to confirm a new target of March for the primary platforms. The Wii U (nor PS3) were mentioned in the post, so we got in touch with studio co-founder Burak Tezateser, who told us the following.

It is not an official date but I'm expecting the Wii U version to be ready around September along with the PS3 version. We'll see about it. We can't really guess how optimization we need to make for Wii U and PS3.

As is made very clear, this isn't a confirmed, final date, but September is simply a target at this point; this would fall into line with the 4-5 month console delay in place with the original release windows, though with an extra month accounted for.

Rather like other crowdfunded titles such as Shovel Knight, backers and interested gamers alike will need to wait a little beyond the original release window. The pitch video for this is below — is this on your radar for later this year?

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Kaze_Memaryu said:

The visuals are beautiful, but if nothingbis going to change, this'll end up being an artistic title - which doesn't go well with many people.
I hope they can bring a bit more creativity into this game. It still has the potential to become even better and deeper than it is right now.



RogueBologna said:

It looks like LIMBO in so many aspects. Nothing wrong with that, but I hope it can separate itself.



ricklongo said:

These delays in kickstarted projects are definitely annoying. I think future projects would do well to learn a thing or two from this and be at least a bit more conservative about advertised release dates.



bofis said:

as someone who Kickstarted this for WiiU, I'm glad you contacted them to find out about that. When I got the backer update I was puzzled as to why it ignored other platforms when talking about the PC launch. It's a shame to have to wait, but I can be patient for it on WiiU



Emblem said:

If they are saying September i'd bank on November-December. Not on my radar either way but it sucks for those who are looking forward to it on Wii U.



64supermario said:

So many things can go wrong during development, big companies have problems and so do little ones. I'm just glad it didn't get canceled.



Morph said:

I think its only to be expected that these kickstarter games will hit delays, in many cases these titles are a developers first big project so i think its only natural they maybe dont get the timeframes right. Plus they probably promise more than they can manage to get as many backers as possible



Shambo said:

Games like these scream for me to play them. Art, atmosphere, and amusement. Triple A in their own way.

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