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Flavoured Cats Is Inspired By Super Mario 3D World, And Is Stalking Its Way To The Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Could this be a purrrfect platform adventure?

If you liked Super Mario 3D World's feline transformation then you'll be like the cat who got the cream when you hear about CW Games' new title.

The indie studio has revealed that it is bringing its furry 3D adventure Flavoured Cats to the Wii U eShop, a game inspired by Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D Land. CW Games is also working on Chimpuzzle Pro for the Wii U eShop, as well as an unannounced 3DS title.

Here's what the developer had to say about the news:

Flavoured Cats is highly inspired by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D Land, with a very cute touch.

But don’t drool to much over it, a game as cute as this one, hides a pure evil story!

We try to aim on both, male and female Super Mario fans, all over the world, and should deliver a similar experience too!

The visuals look quite basic at the moment, but if CW Games can come close to matching the gameplay seen in the Super Mario 3D titles, then this could be one to watch. What are your thoughts? Share your opinion with a comment.


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Volmun said:

Not to be nasty but it looks like it suld be on 3DS and not WiiU... its rare I coment on gfx like this but... idk.. 3DS looks alot more fitting to this



Tsurii said:

Looks like Okamiden with cats if you ask me...

But before I judge it, I want to see at least a little showcase of how the character(s?) move and how everything looks in motion.



phoenixology said:

Wow those graphics look so crap. Not much to drool over here.

That cat hardly even has a face! LOL



Volmun said:

@ZesuBen thats true and i didnt intend on meaning it looked like a bad game just it looks more like a hand held game to me - as some one sed thow it would be nice to see some gameplay



MAB said:

Who knows, if they sell it on the eShop for a couple of bucks it might be PURRRfect... If it's too expensive and crappy then it could become a CATastrophe




BakaKnight said:

Introducing the game only as "like Mario, but with even more cats" it's not really a deep intro >.>;
Then again a well made game clearly inspired by a perfect one would be better than many shovelware and lame clones that are drowning the game industry. Hope CW Games will positively surprise us all, plus that cell-shading graphics remember me too much of Okamiden for not like them

Edit: More I look at the pic more I feel the need to point out that I like the graphic style as a beta, especially since, with all that brown around, that level remember too much a certain area of "Conker's bad fur day" and that's not a good thing unless it is intentional ^_^;;;



ricklongo said:

They really shouldn't have released that screenshot if it's still on the early stages of development. If that's the real thing... well, I'm definitely not a graphics craze, but let's just say it looks like a free Facebook browser game right now.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Chimpuzzle's gameplay looks promising. I might have to download that PC game when i have the time to play some.



Gioku said:

...hmm... I think the fact that I've made things with nicer looking graphics than this before should tell me something...



PanurgeJr said:

It's obviously not the final graphical style. They just jumped the gun a bit on their promotion.



Knux said:

This looks like absolute crap. This game will never be as good as Super Mario 3D World, so why bother?



Knux said:

@jedisquidward Why thank you good sir, because I do that all of the time. I can tell that this game is a crappy and lazy 3D World rip-off, which means it will never be as good as 3D World (one of the best games ever made). All this game will probably do is make me want to play 3D World. The fact that PS1 games look better than this ''beta'' is not a good sign.



JustinH said:

If they put a LOT of work into the graphics this might be something exciting.

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