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Go Green With The Luigi Special Edition 3DS XL, Available In The UK Today

Posted by Damien McFerran

Exclusive to Nintendo's online store

2013 is the year of Luigi, and Nintendo is making sure we're all aware of that fact with a special edition 3DS XL.

It's a white system which is covered with Luigi's iconic silhouette, and is the ideal way to show your support for Mario's taller sibling. Just make sure you've got a charger handy, as the European model of the XL doesn't come with a power supply.

The console is available in the UK exclusively via Nintendo's online store for £179.99. Will you be ordering one? Let us know by posting a comment.


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phoenixology said:

Mine got delivered the other day. Nintendo seemed to ship them early when I was expecting them to ship it late so they don't break their own launch date.



unrandomsam said:

It looks like the kind of design you get in the houses of female art students. (In the bathroom).

Limited Editions are only anything when they actually are really limited and they are not new ones all the time.



AutumnShantel said:

Too bad I got an XL already. And I don't live in the UK. But it's a perfect girly design and I would want one if it wasn't for those two factors... lol



Uberchu said:

@adamical because its a stupid design that will scare the pants off of somebody? I mean they look like Several Luigi Ghosts in my book.



Bluezealand said:

@AutumnShantel: It's not exclusive to the UK (or the Nintendo Online Store). Everyone who wants one can it simply import from I suppose they are available in other European countries as well.



Kolzig said:

This was the limited edition I was dreaming of in Japan during this summer, and I never thought it would arrive to Europe. So I caved in and bought the red 3DS XL.

Ahh so annoying especially if it's also in

I don't understand why Nintendo doesn't just open a netshop for all the European countries and offer them the same benefits at the same time. Would be much more easier and customer friendly.



MarioFan84 said:

I'm Glad Nintendo Made A 3DSXL To Celebrate "The Year Of Luigi". I Just Wished They Would've Made It All Green With His Face On It Or Something. Kinda Like What They Did With The Red DSiXL For The 25th Year Anniversary Of The Original Super Mario Bros. Back In 2010.

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