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Cut the Rope Slices Its Way Onto the North American eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Om Nom just had to have his 3D candy today


The game's publisher, ZeptoLap, has confirmed that the eShop price of $9.99 is correct, contrary to the quoted price in the announcement press release.

Original Article:

There has been a little confusion with the North American 3DS eShop release of Cut the Rope, which seemed all set for yesterday's substantial Download Update, yet was posted missing. As further proof that the weekly update doesn't always reveal the full picture, publisher ZeptoLab has issued a press release confirming that the title is available now in North America for $4.99, though at the time of writing it seems to be priced at $9.99. We've been in touch with the publisher to clarify.

A version of this title did previously arrive on DSiWare, though this iteration has more content to enjoy for the same price; the 3DS release has 12 'boxes' and a total of 300 levels, whereas the DSiWare equivalent has five boxes and 125 levels. It's certainly worth considering for fans of physics puzzles, with plenty of challenge on offer — check out our Cut the Rope review to learn more.

Are any of you North American gamers planning to pick this up on 3DS?

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Zach777 said:

Got this last night it is a good game. The leaderboards don't work, however, so be aware of that. It freezes on the load screen.



Windy said:

I'm not planning to get this one maybe if it goes on sale even though 4.99 is a cheapy. I just have to much to play



SammyOfMobius said:

Not paying $9.99. If they price cut it to $4.99 then I may consider it, but I already have the game on my iPod Touch.



Pod said:


Didn't a fair few of the levels in the original rely on multi touch?

Probably not, if they're still in the game.



rjejr said:

I don't really expect companies to give away their games but if Nintendo was ever going to offer a program similar to Sony this game on both Wii U and 3DS for 1 price would be a good place to start. And at least it isn't $29.99 like Angry Birds.

Anybody with development knowledge know how different the 3DS and Wii U are to program for? Seems weird that the Wii U has been out for almost a year but very few DS or 3DS games have made the jump. And the 3D excuse is nullified by the 2DS very existence.

Gaz covered this over a year ago, any of those games make the jump yet?



Sceptic said:

lol, anybody that doesn't have this game on their phone already deserves to pay $10 for it.



Link41x said:

Am I the only one who doesn't download games on their Android? I have no use for smartphone games....



Sceptic said:

@Link41x: You probably are.

But you're in luck. For something between $10 and $30, you can get that incomparable phone experience on your WiiU console!

Well, minus the multitouch and the capacitive touchscreen, which is, like, kind of instrumental to an intuitive 'fling' gesture.



TG1 said:


You aren't alone. With my 3DS, I'd never have the desire for any smartphone games either.

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