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Young Justice: Legacy Will Come To Wii U, 3DS and Wii in November

Posted by Andy Green

Nintendo versions suffer a delay

Young Justice: Legacy is an action RPG from Little Orbit and is based on the now cancelled cartoon show of the same name. It's coming to all major platforms including Wii U and 3DS and is scheduled for release this September.

However, the developer has now announced on its Facebook page that the Nintendo versions of the game have unfortunately been pushed back to November as they need some extra development time. A Wii edition has also now been announced again, after its Spring release was scuppered.

The Nintendo adaptations will have the same story and art as all the other versions, but will have their own combat style to take full advantage of the unique controls on offer.

Young Justice: Legacy is still down for a September release on other systems, except for PC, which has also been moved to November.

It's certainly rough justice that the Nintendo editions will be delayed by a couple of months but at least we know they will offer unique gameplay elements not found in the other versions.

Are you happy to wait until November? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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8thGenConsoles said:

And then 3rd party publishers complain when their games don't sell well on Nintendo systems. You need to release Nintendo versions the same day as the other versions.

And everyone says the Wii is dead but developers are still making games for it so it's not dead yet.



PerezBro99 said:

@WiiURockz I agree. Same thing happened with mass effect 3, it only sold like 10 copies because the game was out like a year ago in other consoles and EA was complaining about it saying that nothing can sell in the wii u.



ultraraichu said:

Wait a sec, young justice is cancelled? I thought it was on break till fall or something like green lanturn, unless that's cancelled too.

I guess the delay is ok to make it better and unque; just as long as they don't pull a EA/Ubisoft excuse out of their hat.



Davidiam007 said:

@WiiURockz I would rather have the developers take their time with the port and add nintendo specific features then have a rushed port just so that it released the same day.
Nintendo fans are never happy about anything. We got made cause splinter cell lost off line co-op play so that it can launch the same day and people were saying we would rather have it delayed to include all features.

So now a company that is doing that so can have all features and nintendo specific features we are complaining again.



Capt_N said:

It's kinda cool, making a game based on a cancelled licensed-based cartoon, although to be fair, Young Justice is also a DC Comic series from way before this now-cancelled cartoon. Hopefully, the devs make the best use of the WU controls, as they can.

@Davidiam007: Awesome profile picture! I am also a Luigi fan; like him more than Mario, though I like Mario, too. I also agree about the devs taking their time to optimism the game to the WU's abilities, is better than a rushed, & significantly less than stellar port.



GiftedGimp said:

Later releases going to happen quite often, lets face it the WiiU owners want to have unique features that utilize the gamepad but because other systems don't and won't have that capability (out of the box at least) theres a bit of extra work needed on the WiiU.
I'd rather wait a month or two later and get a game that takes full advantage of the unique WiiU capabilities.



Davidiam007 said:

Thanks man!
My wife bought me that pillow for my birthday. So I took a picture of it!
I hope they bring a Luigi mansion to the "U"



ultraraichu said:

@Snakellama aww, I was really looking forward to another season since the last episode was so open-ended. Now I'm afraid to know the fates of other series like starwars: the clone wars.



Davidiam007 said:

Mass effect 3 was never ment for the wii u when it came out so its not the same. It was a quick sloppy port over and the reason it took so long was because the wii u wasn't out yet. The wii u is out now and I would rather they take a little extra time so its not just a sloppy port.



ultraraichu said:

@Davidiam007 #5 So True. What makes it worse is that some times the person who complains about the missing feature to make date is the same one to complain about the game being delayed to be better.

Either ways, they still won't buy it.



Quickman said:

@Davidiam007 Not all devs are taking the time to optimize games for Wii U, in fact features are getting cut from these ports regularly.

If delays did actually mean better ports then I don't think that people would be complaining that much..



Davidiam007 said:

@Cohort features were being cut so there would be no delay. For example splinter cell's off-line co-op.
The other reason was due to low install base.
I can't think of a single wii u game that was delayed and then had features removed so that it can launch at the same time as others.

But this is not the case with this game. They are adding wii u gameplay specifics and nothing was mentioned of features being removed.



Emblem said:

I'm cool with the delay as long as it has all the features of the other consoles. I'm actually looking to pick this one up so i hope it has some added Wii U goodness.



Quickman said:

@Davidiam007 When you look at PS3/360 releases, games on Wii U are being released after, which is still basically a delay in the grand scheme of things and then features still get cut just to make the Wii U release dates.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@ultraraichu It was open-ended, because they didn't know at the time whether or not they would get another season. I'm disappointed, too; it was a great show. It's a real shame that Greg Weisman can never manage to get a third season for his shows (not counting the abomination of "Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles"), as he's a genius at developing deep plots with episode-to-episode continuity in Western cartoons.



Davidiam007 said:

@Cohort what injustice? Small Install base. Anything that has to do with mp has deal with small install base. Need for speed? They gave us plethora of added features and was an awesome port.
Help me out here which games are you referring too?
Watchdog will have all its content, assassin's creed will to.
Batman lost mp due to small install and blacklist has more features then the other versions.



Quickman said:

I knew that it would be a long day today..

Okay first off just pretend that you're not on here just to moan about people that are moaning.

Secondly bear in mind that a lot of people own more than one console these days..

Wii U + Delays + "trimmed" 3rd party ports at FULL PRICE isn't really going to add many more to that small install, base is it? Because most people are just going to go elsewhere, why get the Wii U version with less features when you can get it on PS3 or whatever with everything included for the same price? Or as with the launch titles, own them already like .NFSMW which was old news before it was even released for Wii U.

Then you go on to name a string of titles that haven't been released yet, To be honest there won't be a lot to complain about WHEN those games are released but as it stands at the moment I don't think that you can blame people that much for feeling a bit peeved about most of the 3rd party "support" thus far.

Some have gone over the top with BLOPSII and Splinter Cell for instance, but most people have a valid point regarding other titles.



Davidiam007 said:

@Cohort so you're comparing launch ports that were never designed with wii u in minded and were slapped on with added features. Need for speed got all the dlc except for the latest one at no extra cost plus more features. I know this cause I have both. The only thing you didn't get with mass effect 3 was mass effect 1 and 2 due that were out on the other consoles years ago and the new dlc once again to small install base(plus its ea). You're missing the point here that I made to begin with about the complaining. First is that my point has to be with the new games coming out, mainly splinter cell, that people were making a complaint that despite with all its wii u specific features they were mad and even said they would rather wait a little and NOT get the game the same time as everyone else as long as it were complete and now that someone is doing that here we are again complaining because a developer wants to add more to the wii u version. I'm 36 1/2 yrs old have been gaming for 30 yrs. first system ever was the commodore 64 and the pong gaming machine that played just pong. All those years of gaming I learned to never care too much for launch port games.
Good day!
Ps. Trust me! I've bought just about every gaming console you could think of or have never heard of and I've been present through tons of launches.



Midnight3DS said:

This could hit bargain bins before it even makes it to a Nintendo console. It looks very blah, and 10 years late on release. Hopefully it plays out ok.



SpookyMeths said:

I would think that the lack of Mass Effect 3 sales on Wii U is also due to the fact that you can't import save from ME1/2. Definitely matters to the core fanbase of Mass Effect. I think a lot of Wii U ports had that problem. People were hesitant to buy a sequel to a game that's unavailable to them. ME trilogy, Arkham Asylum/City combo pack, Assassin's Creed trilogy, etc probably would have sold much better.



Relias said:

ooo.. looks like I'll have to take this off my Preorder then... this is one time I would say leave it alone.. and just release it.. every time they do this in this particular genre they mess it up.. and make the game completely unplayable.. D:



Marshi said:

@Davidiam007 Here flipping here! That splinter cell thing really annoyed me. I mean unless its a beat em up or platformer, who plays offline now anyway?



Quickman said:

@Davidiam007 I'm not the one complaining.. sounds like you didn't even read my reply properly, as I've already covered all the games and points that you've repeated and also gone on to explain about the "small install base" that you've mentioned 96 times. Plus the GamePad features come as standard as it's part of the Wii U, not an accessory or "special perk" and especially as local multiplayer has been championed by Nintendo itself over the years its strange that it's been left out. Maybe this will be patched in later, who knows?

Also thanks for mentioning your "stellar gaming career", the "I've owned every console going so that makes me an authority" argument I haven't heard that one in a while..

@Marshi Here flipping here! That splinter cell thing really annoyed me. I mean unless its a beat em up or platformer, who plays offline now anyway?

But surely you must realise that this was an odd move, especially when you take into account Nintendo's stance on local multiplayer (ie they heavily promote it).. and even more so when you look at how good local multiplayer is on say BLOPSII. It is after all a feature of the gamepad which in turn is a selling point of the Wii U.



Marshi said:

@Cohort Let me ask you this then. Would you rather splinter cell has local co op,but no special features unique to wiiu? So that means no off tv play,the gamepad will just have a black screen,no gamepad features whatsoever? No OpSat no gamepad mic comunication,no 1080p even? Just the exact same game pixel for pixel as whats been released on the other formats? If the answers yes im afraid youve bought the wrong console mate.

Look I agree having local co op would be great. And when you have devs making truly lazy decisions like sniper elite and arkham origins having no online then im right there with you shouting and screaming.we shouldnt have to put up with bull like that. However to kick off like people have over rayman and splintercell I think people need to look at what they are getting AHEAD of the other versions.



Quickman said:

@Cohort Why do you have to have one thing without the other? Isn't that what this whole thing is about? Plus you're inventing a hypothetical situation to argue my point which is a bit silly really..

Also you're assuming that this is my POV, neither am I shouting or screaming (again you've manufactured that part to add weight to your argument).. All I'm saying is that some people have a point, it is a bit strange that a console heavily championed by Nintendo for it's local multiplayer capabilities and also being one of it's main selling points actually has the local multiplayer option taken out.

Like I said before it could be patched in later and it doesn't bother me, I'm quite happy but at the same time they're not doing Wii U owners any special favours either by including online play when it should be included regardless (same with the GamePad features) and generally why does it have to be either or? Especially as you're paying full price for these games..



Davidiam007 said:

@Cohort First I was never arguing you, but just trying to clarify what I'm saying. Seems like everyone else got what I said. My original pov was. We complain when it ships on time cause its rushed and we complain when its delayed for a month so that they can give it more features.
Gamepad specific features is a special add on cause its not required for the developers at ALL. Nintendo stated that its not a requirement. So I am glad that the developer for this game is taking their time to give the FULL experience plus some.
Please watch the profanity and the personal attacks — TBD
Ps. I never said YOU were complaining. I said,"people"

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