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Pokémon X & Y Soundtrack Coming This November

Posted by Andy Green

Unlike the game, it's download-only

The Pokémon series is well revered around the world not only for its gameplay but also its charming music and now the Pokémon Company has revealed a soundtrack to Pokémon X & Y will be made available on iTunes in November, shortly after the release of the games.

It was announced earlier via the official Twitter account:

Currently, there are no specifics on what tracks will be available for download but we're hoping that lovely idyllic Pokémon Center theme will be on there.

Pokémon X & Y is due to be released across the world on 12th October. Will you be readying your Pokéballs for a day one catch? Let us know in the comment section below.


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GoombaJMR said:

Great need for ripping music from the games when you can just buy them



Wonder_Ideal said:

It's hard to go wrong with Pokemon music. I can't wait to get an earful of the game's music first hand and find some tunes that I really enjoy.



allav866 said:

Now, why can't other Nintendo games do that? Maybe Nintendo will release other OST's on iTunes if this sells enough copies. I do hope so. I want Nintendoland's music!



shingi_70 said:

I hope they plan to add more than that to itunes. I'm generally a Google Play guy but I wouldn't mind using itunes for some stuff than importing it into Google Music.



Ronoh said:

@b23cdq We should be thankful we're even getting this. Gaming soundtracks should be relatively easy to compile because the majority of the songs are already made for the game itself. But for some reason, very few OST's are ever produced and distributed. Considering this is a game with a global following, a download-only soundtrack is a much more realistic proposition than shipping discs around the world. I'll take this over having to find torrents for the ripped music any day.



TrueWiiMaster said:

It's nice to have it available, but I wish there was a CD option, either as a pre-order bonus or as a Club Nintendo reward. I would love to burn it at a higher bit rate.



Cloud-San-VII said:


I don't like iTunes! Now I have to rip the beautiful music (unless you guys at Game Freak release it on the nice Google Play Store.... hint, hint)



b23cdq said:

@Hyperstar96 Because I want to own my music, I have a music collection I'm proud of, and I want to keep building that collection.
if I don't feel like I own what I buy, I might as well not buy it at all.



sinalefa said:

You see? Nintendo is publishing in iOS. They finally listened to the "industry experts"

Thankfully it is only the soundtrack. Sadly it is only for iTunes, which means I will pass.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Ugh, hate iTunes but like the Skullgirls OST, since I love Pokemon, I'll bite the bullet for the music.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Not trying to change your mind, but why not just burn it to a CD or backup to an external device? You could even print out your own cover art and everything if you want.

I wonder if the reason they don't release game music very often is because doing so would make it less special, especially for when they do decide to. Wouldn't be surprised. It'd be nice if they did though since many games have amazing music.



FriedSquid said:

Some of you do realize that you don't need an Apple device to buy this... right?

Also, @Hyperstar96, please let it go. He can choose not to have his music bought digitally if he wants to, you don't need to get involved and act like he's doing something wrong.



SanderEvers said:

Wow people ^ don't know that iTunes really isn't just for iOS.. You know, you can play iTunes purchased music on just about anything, as long as it supports MP4/AAC (M4A). This includes: Windows Media Player, Android (yes!), iTunes, VLC, Winamp, Foobar, Linux, etc. etc. etc. You'll just need iTunes to purchase and download the music. (For this you need to have a Windows PC or a Mac), open your iTunes folder in either Explorer or Finder (Mac) and copy the files to wherever you please.

This all because iTunes doesn't put any DRM on the music anymore.



Megumi said:

@Cloud-San-VII Yup, same here...only use it convert stuff back when I had a DSi and had to do the AAC thing. (still do it for the 3DS, it seems to play better than MP3s for whatever reason)
When you download from iTunes, do you get the actual song files? Or is it stuck on its player completely? Dunno how to ask that, but yeah...I don't want to use iTunes to listen to it. xD (heck, I would love to put it on my 3DS to listen on the go)
@SanderEvers Ok, never mind then...yeah I'd take this. xD



PokemonManiac said:

Would it really be so difficult to release the retail soundtrack in north America and Europe? Not only is Japan getting a physical copy but there are bonus tracks and a booklet about the music and development! That hardly seems fair, Pokemon is worldwide success so I doubt it will not sell.



Blue_Yoshi said:

I refuse to buy anything off of iTunes if it was a CD it would have been a cool collectors item that I could have uploaded to iTunes. But if they put out more OST's I might have to give in. They iTunes for the older Mario music.

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