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Nintendo of Europe Announces Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome A Friend Promotion

Posted by Orla Madden

Give a pal the mayor status

During today's European Nintendo Direct broadcast, the company surprised fans with an Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome a Friend Promotion.

Similar to the previous Gift & Hunt Together Promotion for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3DS, if you've registered your copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf with Club Nintendo before 22:59 (UK time) on 7th September, you’ll be able to receive a Recommendation Code which you can then pass on to a friend. In turn, your friend is eligible to use this Recommendation Code for a digital copy of the hugely popular title if they register a Nintendo 3DS XL system between 23:01 (UK time) on 6th August and 22:59 (UK time) on 7th October 2013, and enters the Recommendation Code before 22:59 (UK time) on 7th October 2013.

For more information on the promotion, visit the official page, which includes details on how to claim if you've already registered the game.

Will you be taking advantage of this incentive? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Metalslime said:

Awesome, gonna pass this onto my sister. It's times like these I love being in Europe:)



Peach64 said:

Fair play to them, they're giving away a lot of free games in 2013. I still feel kinda bad though, because despite their awesome marketing efforts, I'm still not going to actually be buying any digital releases until they're at least the same price as physical releases. Right now they're almost double the price (£25 for most big games on websites like ShopTo, £39.99 on the eShop).



FiveDigitLP said:

Yeah, it's crazy that the games across the pond have such a difference in price. For us in NA, eShop games are the same price as they are in stores. But then again, with the whole Wii U price drops, it seems the UK has more room to alter their prices with video games, rather there's not a lot of margin in the US.



Obito_Sigma said:

That sucks that it's not for America. This would be the a great present to give to someone else. Especially if it's the downloadable version, you can't go wrong with that.



DerpSandwich said:

Oh look, more free games for y'all Europeans. That's cool, I'll just be here with my Pikmin tote bag and $10 eShop credit I got for buying ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of credit and you can just be over there with all your free games. Whatever. It's cool. I don't like free games anyway.



Emblem said:

Actually the Eshop prices are the same as in store RRP for new games. Sites like ShopTo and Amazon take a profit loss in order to undercut the opposition. Its pretty much how Amazon & made their names, as a rule Amazon is always atleast £5 cheaper than the RRP for any game on any console or PC.

I agree that even that it too high for digital games not linked to an account system, they need to be at least £5 cheaper than the retail counterparts.

What Nintendo really needs to do is lower some of the prices once games have been available for a long time. For example both Starfox3D and OOT3D have no business still costing £40 when they have been out so long you can get them brand new in retail for under £20 a pop.



WiiLovePeace said:

Why did I register my day-one 3DS XL on Club Nintendo? WHY?! I would've liked AC:NL for free I gotta learn to not register my games & consoles until I find something to buy off Club Nintendo (which in itself is rare anyway, so it's not that hard to hold back codes).



sinalefa said:

Another rule of life: have NOE announce a promotion, people in North America complain they don't get that. Then it is NOA announcing something and the other side of the pond longs for that.

And Australians complaining that they usually get neither.



Chaz1r said:

Does anyone on here feel like passing their code onto me? I know it's a longshot but I really don't know any orher Nintendo gamers personally and I am planning on picking up a new 3ds XL to replace my standard one and to go with my Wii U in the next few days.. Let me know if anyone feels like doing me the favour and ill give you my email address..



3DGamer said:

I wish I was in Europe and my brother and I had 3DSXLs so I can give it to him...



GamerZack87 said:

If this promotion comes to Australia I'll be so disappointed. I've been intending to gift AC:NL to my best friend for a while now, and this would have been perfect had he not registered his 3DS XL at launch. D:



TopSOUL said:

This seems fair to me as new games cost more in Europe than in America for example, why shouldn't get an occasional free game?



Quickman said:

Too bad that I'm in the UK but have a US 3DS... I have had five free eshop games from Nintendo though via Club Nintendo, the UK version of CN isn't no where near as generous as NA, so I wouldn't feel too hard done by if I were you..



kokonmaster said:

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