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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream Coming To Europe and Australia Next Week

Posted by Andy Green

Features off-TV play and a new easy mode for newcomers

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream has been available on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade for a few months now and almost a year on PC. Black Forest Games gave the Wii U version a tentative release date of August and it has stayed true to its word, confirming the sisters will be in the European and Australian eShop on 22nd August.

This new game started out as a Kickstarter project where it comfortably snapped up over $150,000. The series dates back to 1987 when The Great Giana Sisters was released on multiple platforms and the latest iteration appeared on the DS in 2009, with the aptly named Giana Sisters DS.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream will feature a new easy mode on Wii U alongside the Hardcore and Uberhardercore modes and it will support off-TV play for those who want to experience it all on the GamePad.

Unfortunately, there's been no confirmation of a release date in North America but it surely can't be too far away now.

It's good to hear we won't have to wait much longer for this one. Check out the trailer below, which was released during the launch last year, and let us know your thoughts to the game by leaving a comment.

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Monsti said:

Loved the DS game. I will definitly get this next week. Cool, cool.



ricklongo said:

One of my most anticipated e-Shop games! Glad to hear it's finally coming, and let's hope for an American release date soon.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Looks alright, but it reminds me of Trine 2 and I got bored of that after a few hours and unfortunately didn't finish it.



Yorumi said:

@Gavin_Rozee it's nothing like trine 2, this is purely a platformer. The red hair one can smash things with a fireball, and the blonde can do a slow fall. You can easily switch and the level is altered when you switch. The platforming involves rapidly switching between the two. There arn't really puzzles just challenging platforming sections. I've got the pc version but I'm thinking of buying it again on wiiU.



WaveBoy said:

This game BLOWS. The game runs terribly in 30 frames per second rendering the experience unimpressive visually, the controls for the character are just awful and the game as a whole just isn't that fun at all. Screenshots make it look somewhat impressive, but in motion it's a disaster. Another example of 'visuals over gameplay' they packed so much in, sacrificing 60fps in the process which should be an absolute 'no no' to the 2D Sidescroller genre. Big giant pass for me. I'd rather scarf down a Marty McFly deluxe booger burger than play this junk!

Trine 2 was another 30fps title with garbage controls that most people seemed to swoon over. As far as 2D Titles go, my money is going towards DuckTales and Shovel Knight. Oh and Cloud Berry Kingdom also looks like crap...Possibly one of the worst character designs ever, with an art direction(Flash animated) similar to something straight out of combined with it's painful generic souless and forgettable soundtrack. Indie game 75% of the time are pretty weak, at least they can take risks though and come up with some unique and creative stuff unlike the big developers these days who just can't be bothered to take a gamble.



unrandomsam said:

@Yorumi It is like Trine 2 in that it is locked to 30 fps. At least you can fix that on the PC Trine 2. (I thought my computer had a problem with this until I noticed the demo videos did exactly the same thing).

I wouldn't have bought it as well if I had realised that even though this game has done well they did a kickstarter again for the next one straight away.

And with the disregard for the controls means any game that is like Metal Slug from them will be terrible.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow, so soon! I wasn't expecting this for a while. I'd pick it up but I have a bajillion games to buy already & a bajillion more already in my backlog so I'll have to leave this one on the backburner for now...



Yorumi said:

Do people not know how to customize controls? It's got 4 buttons, 1 jump, 1 switch, 1 fireball, 1 twirl. And 30fps, oh the horror, i can't tell if I'm being trolled or if it's really come to this now.



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy I have played DuckTales (Bought it anyway for £12 after saying I wouldn't) and it has most of the problems you just list. Even more it has cutscenes all the time that you cannot turn off which ruins the flow. All the interesting jumps are made so you basically cannot miss them. The bosses are really slow and boring. (And easy). Controls are terrible. (Probably used the same stuff from Smurfs 2 because they are capable of doing it - see Contra 4 or Mighty Switch Force).



WaveBoy said:

Wait, you're saying Ducktales runs in 30fps? The only issue i know i'll have with it are in fact the gameplay flow-destroying dialogue and cutscenes which is completely bogus....stupid decision, which will make it feel Power of illusion. Wayforward probably threw this crap in just so they could try and 1-up the original or make it somewhat beefier.

Have you even played the original Ducktales? It's a great game.
Also, Contra 4 was amazing....Sure it should of just been called 'contra 1 the remake' but WF basically perfected the series with that wicked awesome installment.



WaveBoy said:


playing 30fps games on an HDTV = Horror.
Yeah, all thanks to that distracting nasty frame doubling...You probably won't notice it on your LED or LCD because both are too busy covering it up with their lousy motion blur/smearing. It looks terrible, Kirby's return to dreamland for example runs in 60fps and above & beyond far more impressive because of it. not only that it it's in another league in terms of controls. the Giena sisters feels like a sloppy NES games with pretty detailed visuals(if that, at least when static....then again) it's just a 2nd rate sidescroller at the end of the day



cornishlee said:

I'll look for reviews but, just one week after Duck Tales, I won't be buying it straight away. Six months without buying a game and now the release schedule is starting to pick up.



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy I have played it. I dunno whether it is 30fps or not but the original feels as tight as the NES Megaman's (Not surprising I found out it was the same engine)

This doesn't feel anything like it. (Pogo doesn't work at all properly on a 360 pad - If you need to stop and start pogo'ing to be able to do it consistently that is broken). On the NES version I can still do it perfectly even though I have not played it for ages until today. Playing games where you have to stop or compensate for the controls isn't fun for me.

It is what always happens if something is not the default it is not done properly. Maybe the people doing Shovel Knight are the people who knew how to do 2D controls properly.



unrandomsam said:

The controls are much worse than the 3DS Power of Illusion 2 demo. (Not played the full thing.)



accc said:

@WaveBoy While I agree that the console versions of the game should be ignored because they're only 30 fps, I have the game on PC and it's not really as bad as you make it out to be. The controls aren't the greatest but they still work pretty well, and the level designs and mechanics are pretty fun and inventive.



ricklongo said:

@WaveBoy - Well, Donkey Kong Country Returns runs at 30fps on the 3DS and it's still awesome. So that doesn't really bother me much.

Also, I agree that the visuals in Cloudberry Kingdom look supremely 'meh', but the soundtrack (from the internet videos I've seen) is nothing short of awesome!



unrandomsam said:

@accc I should be able to play it the same way that I can play Megadrive Rocket Knight but I cannot because of the controls. Kills all the fun for me if I have to stop all the time. Maybe I just didn't manage to get into 60fps. I tried all the settings and it looks just as sloppy as the demo videos. (Changing them even to really low makes no difference). If there is something obscure you have to do or it needs an insane amount of power. (Every other game I can run at a solid 60fps vsync locked with no issues whatsoever).

Compared to e.g Spelunky which controls absolutely perfectly.



SparkOfSpirit said:

There's nothing wrong with DuckTales Remastered. I beat the game on hard with hard pogo.

If you were expecting a hard game, well, DuckTales was never hard.



Ichiban said:

Looks cool, but the last thing i need on my wii u right now is another platformer!



datamonkey said:

I remember the original on the Amiga. Think it was banned by Nintendo for being too similar to Mario Bros...



Sceptic said:

Oh man, that is fantastic! Gorgeous, fun and a bit of a new twist on the platformer mechanics with the character swapping.

@MeowGravy: I agree, but if anything, you made a mistake getting the other platformers. This is the only one you should have.



Otto-Soq said:

This is a great game on the 360. Beautiful graphics (when you turn sharpness to minimum on your tv). The easy mode option is a good idea for a hard platformer like this. Oldschool hard sometimes.



unrandomsam said:

@SparkOfSpirit I wasn't expecting Duck Tales to be hard I was just expecting it to have the same pace as the original and the controls to be better.

Bosses are boring and slow. If you die you start where you left off. Maybe the people making Shovel Knight are the people who could have done this properly. (Contra 4 and Mighty Switch Force have absolutely spot on controls).

Castle of Illusion looks like it will be better.

This is like any other modern licensed mediocre title. (The level design is not the important thing at all. They have added braindead things to it).

I played the same level on each for a few levels with this and the NES version and enjoyed the NES version much more.



1990irock said:

I wish Donkey Kong country for the WiiU looked more like this. Looks like the DKC style on the SNES



speedyboris said:

While I share my disappointment with the larger amount of 30 fps games in this generation of games, it doesn't render Giana Sisters unplayable. Even on a HDTV.



dyopri said:

why isn't these European eshop games not announced for North America? are they at War or something?

Iwata says lacks of software is hurting the Wii U, Well here are a Bunch of Softwares just itching for a release date! Sheeesh..



Finntendo said:

Ohoh! I so remember when I was a kid and played original with my friend with her bigbro's C64!! The music from the beginning comes to my head every time I read name "Giana Sisters". I miss Commodore (Load Error)

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