Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 2nd Nov 2011
  • EU 3rd Apr 2009
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  • Review Giana Sisters DS (DS)

    Low on originality, high on fun

    Giana Sisters DS began life as a limited personal computer release called The Great Giana Sisters back in 1987. Due to the game's extremely close resemblances to Nintendo's NES release Super Mario Bros., the game was yanked from store shelves soon after its release, making it quite a rare find today. Now DTP...

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Giana Sisters DS Screenshot
Giana Sisters DS Screenshot
Giana Sisters DS Screenshot
Giana Sisters DS Screenshot
Giana Sisters DS Screenshot
Giana Sisters DS Screenshot
Giana Sisters DS Screenshot
Giana Sisters DS Screenshot

Giana Sisters DS News

  • News Giana Sisters DS Sneaks Into North America

    It's finally here!

    Well the wait has been lengthy, but Giana Sisters DS is finally available to North American gamers. While there was little (actually none whatsoever) fanfare for the release, the game is now available at various Walmart stores. And if you can't find the game locally, NewEgg has it in stock for $19.99, a far cry from the $70+ the...

  • News Giana Sisters DS Gets ESRB Rated

    Beloved platformer finally coming to NA

    Well it looks like Giana Sisters DS is finally coming to North America after a rather lengthy wait. The game was recently rated by the ESRB and hopefully we'll be seeing a release here in North America very soon. No word yet on the publisher or any release details, but we'll keep you posted as we find out more...

  • News The Giana Sisters are back on DS after a long sabbatical

    That great old C64 platformer that DIDN'T feature a mustache or a plumber

    Here's a little history lesson for you - back in the day (1987) there lived a pretty shameless Super Mario Bros rip off called "Great Giana Sisters", which was designed for the C64 home computer. It was in fact immensely popular, probably in part simply because it's...

About The Game

The Giana Sisters are back!

Giana Sisters, the cult Jump'n'Run game from the 80s is back at last - now on your Nintendo DS! You will lead Giana on her greatest adventure yet and help her find her glittering diamonds in a crazy dream world. You and Giana will meet fantastic creatures and have wonderful adventures as you explore over 80 exciting levels together.


  • Over 80 levels of platforming action
  • 6 challenging bosses to tackle
  • 6 amazing areas to explore including: Caves, Meadows, Mountains, Castles, Heaven, and Hell.

Giana's dream world awaits you!