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Video: The Mysteries of Evolution Are Solved, Pokémon is the Answer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The old B button trick

Occasionally we like to highlight humourous videos that riff on Nintendo history, particularly as it shows — above all else — that Nintendo is a strong part of pop culture. If people keep referencing Nintendo's games and systems, particularly of the retro variety, it all helps to keep the company's brand at the forefront.

Also, it can be a lot of fun. The video below is less than a minute long and jokingly answers a question of evolution with a fictional Game Boy and Pokémon game. Before the video though, everyone should pay attention to the creator's explanatory note below.

...I think some of you have misunderstood a key element of this cartoon, probably my fault, I thought most societies these days were clued in on Evolution but clearly some are not (a lot of Americans seem to be making this mistake). I do know Crocodiles evolved from another creature (the Phytosaurs) and I know they have evolved in the 225 million years they've been around to some level or another. This cartoon is a joke, it's a bit of light humour that ignores science for a bit of fun, like Spongebob or Dexter's Lab would. I am not trying to preach that Evolution doesn't make sense, it does! I am not saying this is genuinely what I believe, if I seriously wondered this question I wouldn't make an animation, I'd go on Yahoo Asks like a normal person! So come on, try to understand this is just a light hearted joke and don't get too upset that it isn't hard fact.

With that said, check it out below and let us know what you think; please chat about the video specifically and maintain context, as the creator requests. For our money, this is a fun little video.

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CowLaunch said:

The fact that you cannot find the fossils of every single Pokemon in Mt Moon proves that the theory of evolution is false.



Wheels2050 said:

Haha, that was good.

It saddens me that he felt the need to explain the video. Surely people aren't that dense?



BakaKnight said:

Very funny video X3
And quite ironically I used to do the B trick with Charmender in red and Totodile in Heartgold... I play Pokemon like a god! OwO



taps said:

Kinda presumptuous for this video creator to call out a nation of 315 million ppl. Painting them with a broad stroke as simple and "not as smart as you are. They believe in creationism, and the author doesn't." Meanwhile, surely (educated guess) at least 50% of the people who've opened the link are American. It's on, yeah an American site. My guess is the Western game titles the author likes aren't all European. But when it suits him, Americans are religious bumpkins.
I've been dealing with (sometimes irrational) foreign hate my whole life, and my problem with it is: have the courage to stand by your convictions. Can't bite the hand that feeds you and keep gourging out of his palm. Or maybe you can, because I see vitriol like this all the time on the net and Americans keep coming back. I guess they are just more forgiving than I.



Captain_Gonru said:

@taps At the risk of going off-topic, I'm not sure he meant that all Americans are "religious bumpkins". I took it as him saying that some Americans tend to be more vocal in their defense of their held ideas and beliefs, sometimes to the point of not being able to distinguish between actual attacks on said beliefs, and harmless attempts at humor. As an American, I would tend to agree.
Personally, I enjoyed the clip.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i could see this raising quite a stink, people get so offended for almost no reason. look it already happened in comments



ogo79 said:

" If people keep referencing Nintendo's games and systems, particularly of the retro variety, it all helps to keep the company's brand at the forefront."
thats exactly what i think too



Timbojay said:

@taps Hey there, sorry if I came across as referring to Americans in this way to you, it seirously wasn't what I meant. Actually the Americans I was referring too are vocal Athists who seem convinced that fellow Americans would be stupid enough to take my cartoon as an argument for creationism. I don't agree one bit, even people who subscribe to an idea like creationism are fully able to see the difference between a silly joke and a fair augment. Alas I was getting a lot of negative feed back, some down right abusive so I felt I needed to defend myself. A lot of european people didn't seem to understand my need to defend myself so I included the mention that it was mostly Americans who'd been annoyed because simply it was. Not because of their stereotype or anything like that, but simply because the vast majority were American.

Once again, I do apologise if my comment came across in the wrong way, it was far from my intention and I hope I didn't offend.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

.-. Evolve means to develop gradually, in pokemon you train your partner to grow stronger in battle. Wouldn't that be a gradual change and if you get lucky enough a pokemon changes shape though the efforts? (for the ones that can change into a different form.)

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