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United Kingdom

Tue 2nd Jul 2013

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Timbojay commented on Video: The Mysteries of Evolution Are Solved, ...:

@taps Hey there, sorry if I came across as referring to Americans in this way to you, it seirously wasn't what I meant. Actually the Americans I was referring too are vocal Athists who seem convinced that fellow Americans would be stupid enough to take my cartoon as an argument for creationism. I don't agree one bit, even people who subscribe to an idea like creationism are fully able to see the difference between a silly joke and a fair augment. Alas I was getting a lot of negative feed back, some down right abusive so I felt I needed to defend myself. A lot of european people didn't seem to understand my need to defend myself so I included the mention that it was mostly Americans who'd been annoyed because simply it was. Not because of their stereotype or anything like that, but simply because the vast majority were American.

Once again, I do apologise if my comment came across in the wrong way, it was far from my intention and I hope I didn't offend.