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Smash Bros. Melee EVO Tournament Broke Viewer Records

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

130,000 were watching

While the EVO tournament is always a popular event, the issues surrounding the inclusion of Super Smash Bros. Melee grabbed a lot of headlines. The Nintendo legal team denied permission for the game to be live streamed, and then Nintendo of America rapidly retracted that decision, so that the brawler's contest could go ahead.

That decision seems to have turned out well for everyone, with the Melee event breaking EVO records for concurrent viewers online, with the number apparently hitting a whopping 130,000. It's not only a victory for EVO, of course, but also says much for the enduring popularity of the Smash Bros. series and its role in the fighting game world. Writer at Penny Arcade Report Andrew Groen, meanwhile, tweeted that those in attendance made their feelings very clear.

So the event was undoubtedly a success after its pre-broadcast troubles. Will Melee return next year? We doubt that either EVO or Nintendo would reject the idea.


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Aviator said:

And then Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 broke that record, and then Super Street Fighter IV Arcade broke that.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Aviator Awesome, good for EVO as a whole, it seemed to be everywhere on Twitter etc too. Excuse me for focusing on a Nintendo game though!



SideScreamer said:

A little off topic, but Melee NEEDS to be be downloadable on the Virtual Console. It just has to.



shinpichu said:

It was actually 139k last I heard. Impressive either way for a decade old game.



shinpichu said:

Yes. I don't know the exact numbers, but I do know that UMvC's Final's were the only thing that surpassed the Melee viewcount.



ljinkakidd said:

I haven't played Melee since some Hispanics broke into my house and stole every game to my name... and a package of Maruchan Ramen Noodles. :/

I will try to find out how to get into this competition if Melee shows up next year. I guarantee I'd win with Dr. Mario. He has electric fists.

Anyway, great job Smash. Hopefully Nintendo puts it on Wii U VC. It doesn't even have to be playable on the GamePad just give it to me!



Royalblues said:

MVC surpassed Melee viewcount? That game is too hype.
EVO was just too hype yester-night. My personal favorite game was King of Fighters.



Hong said:

Anyone catch Niconico viewer count? I remember when we only had 30k on Twitch, they had 105k over at Niconico.



Adam said:

All Evo Youtube videos say "video is not available" for me. What's going on?



idork99 said:

One of the best times yesterday watching the Smash Bros tournament on line. Better than a football match if you'd ask me.

Anyhow, thank you very, very much Nintendo for allowing a gem like Melee to be playable at EVO! I hope the series and tournament gets bigger with the years to come.



DarkKirby said:

Hopefully this will show Nintendo that Smash can be both fun for casuals and competitive players at the same time. There is no need to specifically cater to casuals and intentionally make the game unappealing to competitive players by making the game slow and removing gameplay depth.

I had more fun with Melee then I ever did with Brawl just because the game was faster and fast paced, I never even knew about the combos or special tactics until long after I stopped playing it.

Also, from past posts in other related topics, there seems to be an alarming amount of people who seem to have no idea how copyright, video game streams or videos (like youtube) work, or in fact how it is currently done.

Practically NOBODY gets legal permission from a company (legal being paperwork that states the company is giving permission of use with or without stating the terms of use) when streaming or making videos of games. For most companies who allow it, giving legal permission to everyone single person who requested the right to use their copyright that they are okay with using it would be a huge waste of resources. And no, what is verbally said or not said is meaningless when it comes to copyright. If you have no legal documentation stating the copyright owner has given you permission of use, you are infringing on copyright. All our Nintendo avatars? That's blatant copyright infringement. Capcom games are the star of EVO and most of the popular fighting game tournaments, and Capcom allows the tournaments to happen, and yet, to this day, I do not believe Capcom has EVER given legal permission for any fighting game tournament they were not personally involved in or ran themselves the legal rights to stream the game, EVEN IN TOURNAMENTS THEY SPONSOR OR ADVERTISE IN OR SEND CAPCOM REPRESENTATIVES TO. Why? Because by doing so, they can choose to shut down the event at any time and be clean of of responsibility of anything they might disagree with. In addition, by allowing the tournament to happen, it's free advertising.

The only game tournaments that get actual legal permission from the copyright owners are the biggest ones like MLG and GOMTV, commonly for games like Starcraft 2, LoL, etc. Typically, use of copyright for most forms of media would involve paying the copyright owner, however, as these tournaments are a main form of advertising for these companies, copyright owners like Blizzard instead request how they want things done if permission is given, as the tournament cannot legally exist without their permission ion the 1st place, and as tournaments like MLG are large enough and making enough of an income, they would prefer it to be legal. I believe Riot personally oversees most official LoL tournaments as they need people there to manage an unlocked versions of the games.

Personally, I have 2 theories for why Nintendo would try to shut down Melee at EVO when every other company sees the FGC as free advertising and people supporting their game. One would be Nintendo's legal team (or Nintendo) just working on their agenda to "control their copyright" as they have been in the last few months". The other is Nintendo or Sakurai's agenda to have Smash not portrayed as a serious fighting and instead a casual party game.



yuwarite said:

Nintendo either needs to update the browser to support Flash, or Twitch needs to move over to HTML5, because I wanted to watch this live on my Wii U browser, on my TV, but couldn't =/



DarkKirby said:


With the tournament almost being shut down, that comically is also about copyright, as having their browser support flash legally would require paying Adobe for the rights to use it. It is the main reason iPhones/Touches have not supported Flash from the beginning. Twitch does not support HTML5 though, so it would have to be flash. Sadly, watching videos on my TV is the most use I get out of my Wii U now a days. I would love for there to be games for it.



yuwarite said:

Well, apparently Twitch are moving from flash to HLS streaming, but there is no ETA:

"Jason M: Twitch Staff Jun 04, 2013 09:54AM PDT
We are in the process of moving to HLS to remove the dependency on Flash."



Emaan said:

Seeing the players cheering "One more year" was a really cool moment. This was great for the Smash Community, for EVO, and for fans in general. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV ended up gaining more views in the end, but it's still a triumph for Melee nonetheless.

I enjoyed watching all the great talent this year. Hopefully Nintendo will allow Melee to be included next year, and maybe the new game by then~



HaNks said:

remember if nintendo had their way this would have been shut down entirely. with their backward policies, you wonder if they even deserve the feedback...

and the stream was fantastic. big ups to all the great melee players.



Kobeskillz said:

@ljinkakidd sucks. I remember some white dude broke into my car and stole my radio. Oh wait was it necessary to say he was white? Not really. That was really stupid and if ignorant of me.



scrubbyscum999 said:

So, why does Nintendo not want Smash to be competitive again? Even though Melee is a big hit with fans and I doubt casuals would care?



ljinkakidd said:


Yeah, I know. I've tried to edit it on my 3DS but it won't work. I'm not racist just so you know... I am Hispanic dude. So it isn't okay say it was my own race? Just think outside the box next time.

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