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Want A Boxed Copy Of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies? Pester Capcom

Posted by Andy Green

Christian Svensson makes no promises but says it's possible

Last month Capcom announced Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies was coming to the West later on this year. However, it will only be released as a digital download on the 3DS eShop, while Japan will receive a fully fledged boxed copy.

This was naturally good news for fans of the series, as the game finally had a release date, but many were disappointed they wouldn't be able to get a boxed copy to sit nicely on their shelf with the previous titles.

Well, in a new twist, the game's producer Motehide Eshiro has told Polygon a boxed copy is still a possibilty if people show enough desire for it.

Capcom USA senior vice president Christian Svensson has since backed up Eshiro-san, and speaking in the Capcom Unity forums he said he'd like to push for a boxed release of Dual Destinies - the only thing is he needs ammunition to convince others, so in a call to arms he wrote the following:

If you'd like to be heard, you can post on this thread (I'll leave it open), PM me on Capcom-Unity or hit up my twitter (@chrissvensson) as many folks already have. I need some additional ammo and these requests fit that need.

If things go well and demand is there, in a few weeks I may be able to present an option that puts the ball back in the fans' court (in "tennis" terms, not "of law" terms). I want to stress the word "may" so as to not misrepresent the situation or promise anything. We are trying. Again, timing and pricing would be at a disadvantage to the digital option as an assumption you should make.

So if you want to see Phoenix Wright's latest adventure make it as a fully fledged retail release in the West you'd best get pestering!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies will be available to download this Fall in the West and will emerge in Japan next month.

Would you like to see a boxed copy of the game make it over alongside the download version? Let us know in the comment section below.


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SilentHunter382 said:

Well I gonna go on there later to ask for a boxed copy. If it fails well its better to get a digital download only then not getting the game at all.



theblackdragon said:

I posted in the Unity thread earlier today. can't say that i'm hopeful since it is Crapcom we're talking about, but if they do wind up putting out a physical release of this game, i'll at least promise to stop calling them 'Crapcom'.



Windy said:

I wont ever download a retail title again. When I switched my stuff from my 3DS to 3DSXL I lost a 60 hour save file for Harvest Moon New Beginning. anyone who plays Harvest Moon knows that's alot of work down the tubes. So I wont download retail games ever again when I can get them on cartridge



shonenjump86 said:

I really want a box copy, but I'm ok with going digital as well. Think I'll pester Capcom about bringing Investigations 2 over here.



nothankyou said:

I'm fine with either (since I played AA 1-3 on WiiWare), but I'd like a physical release. Capcom has recieved another pester.



Bronk said:

Capcom has no intention of a physical release for this game. They're going to release it in digital format only, and then use this excuse to place all the blame on the fans because they "didn't want it enough", like they always do. This is vintage Capcom, gentlemen.



Dark-Luigi said:

Please let a boxed copy happen! I don't want to keep on trying to get cards to download it from the E-shop.



xNoktemAeternus said:

here's hoping for a box copy, if not, ill just buy the japanese one for my collection, and the digital one to actually play



Intrepid said:

I commented there last night. At this time, there are 64 pages and counting, from Ace Attorney fans all over the world. Even if you are skeptical that it will work, it can't hurt to voice your concerns. The sheer amount of comments in a matter of hours is a good sign that this could be successful. So everyone, go on there and show your support! We have nothing to lose.



MonsieurRosbif said:

...but he does imply that it will release later and at a higher price than the digital version so this will be a download for me! I don't want to wait any longer for new Phoenix Wright!!



Ralizah said:

They might do a high-price, limited print run special edition version of the game. The SE goodies that came with the game in Japan were awesome.



Fillytase said:

@MonsieurRosbif @Ralizah As for me, I'm more than willing to pay extra and wait it out to reward Capcom for doing the right thing with Ace Attorney 5. After all, I don't have to worry about the eShop edition going anywhere while I wait. And I'm especially willing if that means I can get the Feenie statue along with it (but that's probably wishful thinking...). So, I tweeted Svensson, might post on the forums as well.



hYdeks said:

hits head on desk Capcom, first you cancel Mega Man Legends 3, now your not gonna release a physical copy of this game in NA? rubs temples I'll put it simple, RELEASE A PHYSICAL COPY! ><



ToadFan said:

Guys the thread has gone through 73 pages in the last 24 hours. That's a lot of supporters o3o



Tasuki said:

I will add my support to it. I want to have the option to buy a physical copy.



paniccoffee said:

I don't like the idea of begging for a retail copy, but I hope for the best. I'll pass on it and import the Japanese version if this doesn't push through.



b23cdq said:

Not really hyped for this. I playe the first one partially on pc (emulator because lack of compatible HW at the time, kinda want to buy it for my 3DS because I like the story), and it has so much potential, but I noticed so many flaws. It pisses me off when I see a contradiction, but it hasn't been programmed, and therefore the game punishes me for finding a solution that would work in a real court. Also being able to easily refute "evidence" in the game. Is this better in the sequels?

Also, why do I need a ghost to tell me how to solve a case I could solve myself, could I actually look properly at the evidence?



zombrii said:

I really wanted a physical copy...
I was searching Gamestop/WalMart/Amazon for the price of the game..but I couldn't find a listing...and then i visited the eShop...I don't want a digital download.. BOO!
What if my 3DS got messed up and couldn't be fixed?!



Justaguest said:

@zombrii ohh.. I always wondered about that? Some say that its enough to have a serial number to get your digitals on new system when old one breaks. I wonder if its true :s



firestonex said:

I became a big Pheonix Wright fan after watching the first 2 games being played by Fraser from the show Video Games Awesome.

I really REALLY want to play this game. But I won't settle for a "pay to play" download version. I want a boxed version. A physical game/box/manual that is MINE forever. Make it happen Capcom. I'm waiting.

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