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Capybara: Nintendo Is Making A "Big Move" For Indie Developers

Posted by Damien McFerran

“They have a really great team there"

There once was a time when Nintendo was seen to be somewhat ignorant of indie developers, but that certainly isn't the case these days, as is evidenced by comments made by Capybara's Nathan Vella.

Vella — who was speaking at recent independent gaming showcase — had nothing but praise for Nintendo's recent efforts to get indies on board:

I’ve seen personally, first-hand, Nintendo making a big move to try and get smaller, unique, independent games on Wii U downloadable. They have a really great team there; Dan Edelman who runs that division is one of the raddest dudes in video games, and I would say easily one of the most respected people by the independent community.

Nintendo is reaching out and trying to do something. They’re playing catch up, obviously, and that’s a hard spot to be in when it comes to getting the new stuff, but they’re really putting in.

Capybara is responsible for titles such as Critter Crunch, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and the forthcoming Super Time Force.


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Scollurio said:

I'd really wish the Wii U to become the "go-to"-platform for new and exciting games with daring concepts!



shingi_70 said:


Eh I'd say Sony is still killing Nintendo as far as indie support goes. Call me when Nintendo lets an indie guy on stage to talk.

Plus T-shirts

Still Its pretty crazy how far Nintendo has come with indies and the eshop since the wiiware/dsiware days.



Windy said:

The Time is now! Stick in the Dagger Nintendo! If they can start recruiting some good solid devs away from android and the apple Markets Nintendo is already the best at what they do on the planet this will just Confirm all of that.



shingi_70 said:


So has sony? That's not even covering the Pub Fund and incubation programs. why do you think Vita and PS4 have been getting major indie support.



BlackStar9000 said:

@ThumperUK no, its definitely one of those pills that get thrown by Dr. Mario to kill viruses. Must be why mine is collecting so much dust from the sheer lack of games on it, an overpriced prescription by far, and the memory cards....



R_Champ said:


LOL, people actually wear those? Ponies really do love their Sony. Sure, I'd wear a Mario shirt, or a Mass Effect hat, but wearing attire solely promoting the company and not the actual game or devs is...fanatical.



Gnoll said:

(searches Bing) Nay, my fault, Vita it's a small town (2,237 inhabitants) near Mount Baronia in Sicily, Italy



Sean_Aaron said:

Indies plus lower price would seem to be Nintendo's key strengths this year. I suspect if that doesn't keep them in front then the home console market as a whole will collapse. I'm quite surprised at the price points that Microsoft and Sony are advertising - I can only assume they can't afford to go lower and this is their last gasp?



ollietaro said:

I loved Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for the DS! Capybara should release a deeper 3DS version. The puzzle/strategy combat was sick, but the whole experience was short. Incidentally, Capybara operates out of of my home city of Toronto!

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