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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Features "Nostalgic" Gameplay Elements

Posted by Andy Green

Building on what was achieved with Conviction

Ubisoft Toronto was created in 2009 and is close to releasing its first title Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which is coming to Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

In an interview with Game Reactor at the recent Game Developers Conference Jade Raymond, who heads up the studio, spoke about the upcoming release and said it's not a series reboot but rather a continuation of what was achieved with Splinter Cell: Conviction:

Our objective really with this game was to build on Conviction but to bring new elements that were inspired from the roots of the franchise. I think everyone agreed that Conviction was much more playable and easier for people who didn't come from the franchise to get into stealth and appreciate what that had to offer.

Some of the things that we love from the franchise also could be brought back and integrated into the new recipe.

Many people wanted to see more of the older style of Splinter Cell gameplay in Conviction and Raymond reassured fans Blacklist is focusing more on the nostalgic elements, despite some of the recent footage suggesting the series is moving away from its stealthy heritage:

We really wanted to make sure we brought those back but in a new way that added new experiences so we're not just copy and pasting the old things.

Raymond said the multiplayer experience in Conviction wasn't the best rated element of the game but the studio is continuing to build on it to make it better:

We're bringing back the multiplayer but with some new stuff as well which is going to be fresh and we really want to continue to push that expertise in co-op multiplayer and the connected experience - even when you're in the single player game to always be playing with other people and to always feel that the community is there.

It seems that if you have an internet connection you'll be connected to the community in some way shape or form. Another Ubisoft title that has this style of gameplay is Watch_Dogs, which allows others to drop in and out of the single player experience.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is sneaking onto Wii U on 20th and 22nd August in North America and Europe respectively - although the UK has to wait one day more and will have it on 23rd August.

What are your thoughts on Splinter Cell: Blacklist? Let us know in the comments section below.


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nik1470 said:

Really liked conviction looking forward to this. There is loads of stuff they could do with the gamepad and the gadets (sticky bomb cam springs to mind) but being multiformat I'll curb my expecations.



luminalace said:

I didn't play Conviction but for reasons unknown I wasn't hyped for the game. This time I am and I am glad stealth is going to play a bigger part because I loved the original SC games.



Dpullam said:

I am quite a big fan of Splinter Cell Conviction so this is great news for me. The co-op was also really fun to play stealthily with friends and this game is looking to be just as good as Splinter Cell Conviction.



dragon_rider said:

@atomicjuicer Like how Splinter Cell should be; the game is about stealth and killing only when necessary. Conviction was a good game, but it was Splinter Cell in name only.



LittleKing said:

Anyone who has ever played a normal Splinter Cell game in their life can see from a Let's Play alone that Conviction shared very little with its brethren. I can only hope that Blacklist doesn't play like Conviction + Assassins Creed. Sliding around and executing 50 within a ten second time frame to get to the next torture scene isn't why I play a Splinter Cell game, Ubisoft.



AtomicToaster said:

The controls had gotten better than metal gears in the last game I played although they're different beasts and mgs4 is designed to feel like you're controlling a tank.

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