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Namco Bandai Announces Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life For 3DS In Japan

Posted by Orla Madden

3DS LL bundle also revealed

Namco Bandai, together with Disney Japan, is developing a new 3DS title, Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. The game will release in Japan on 11th July, and will also receive a limited edition 3DS LL bundle; the handheld itself is white and includes a special design on the surface, with gold and white Mickey Mouse silhouettes.

Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life allows gamers to play as their Mii, and you can meet over 80 different Disney characters throughout the game.

The title will retail on its own at 5,490 yen (approx. £40 / €45 / $60) for both a boxed and download copy, with the 3DS LL bundle going for 24,830 yen (approx. £175 / €202 / $262).

You can watch the first official trailer below. Would you like to see this one come to the West?

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Pokefanmum82 said:

my daughter would love this game. I want the 3DS XL though so if this came West I'd buy it in a heartbeat.




I don't know why, but for some strange reason when I just viewed the trailer for this game, it kind of reminded me of the old NES game, Disney Adventures In The Magic Kingdom. I will say one thing for this game, it makes you feel as if you're taking a trip to Disney World right from your house without having to travel there. I like that concept.



Shiromikio said:

Looks like a shorter, Disney-themed Animal Crossing kind of game? If it has a lot of content/fun mini-activities, I'd be interested in a western release. As an aside, Japan is lucky to have another nice special edition XL, I like the idea of the design in gold. Still waiting for plain white here ...



Xilef said:

AC type of game? Doesn't look to bad. Has Namco Bandai ever done a Disney game before?



Emaan said:

This looks really interesting. Reminds me a lot of Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, and Disney's old MMO game Virtual Magic Kingdom. I would hope this would come west, since Disney is very popular here.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

This is interesting! Although something seems a bit lacking. But I would definatey buy it if it ever arrives over seas.



Shworange said:

Yet another special edition Japanese 3DSLL/XL! How many are there? 10? How many in the US? 0. Anyone notice a slight disparity here?



hamae said:

Curse you NOA, just give me a white XL now! Any kind of white!!! (,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`



Arianabtd said:

This game looks pretty cute!
I think it would be nice for it to be In NA, since Disney is really popular. I would totally buy it.

The 3DS XL (LL) looks really nice.
We need one like that in NA >_<.



Peach64 said:

OMG I want it Love the 3DS XL and the trailer. Look at all those cute outfits!



ChaosCrystal said:

I actually hope that this comes to the west. Looks pretty cozy, and the fighting scene looks interesting. And the mayor + is all the disney charachters and locations.



Ralizah said:

Animal Crossing with Disney characters?
Hopefully they actually take the time to make this a good game instead of some sub-par kiddy game.



LindsayPez said:

If this came out in the US, I would buy it instantly without thinking about it. That 3DS XL is beautiful! The only reason I haven't upgraded to the XL is because the quality of their appearance is so poor here. Also, I would love that game!



Gold_Ranger said:

I do not believe that ALL of the Disney Properties will be represented.
DarkWing Duck, looking at you....



shinobi88 said:

I'm a grown dude and I consider myself a hardcore gamer and YES I would buy this. There's no one that's been to Disney World that wouldn't agree it's one of the most magic places on Earth. And I'd buy a copy for my niece too



Windy said:

If this game is like AC and has online co-op I am buying! Please No local Wifi in North America. ONLINE! ONLINE! ONLINE!

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