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Pokémon Scramble U Confirmed For Spring Arrival in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Download-only follow up to Pokémon Rumble

When it comes to the Pokémon industry, it's about more than the main series releases, with a variety of off-shoots and alternatives regularly gracing our gaming machines. One series that made its début on WiiWare was Pokémon Rumble, which we rather liked for its boggling premise and simple fun, and that was duly followed up by Pokémon Rumble Blast on 3DS.

Rather than look a gift-horse in the mouth, and possibly to keep Wii U owners happy, it's been revealed in CoroCoro magazine that Pokémon Scramble U is coming to the Wii U eShop in Japan this Spring; it could be called Pokémon Rumble U in the West, naturally. Details are a little scarce, but it'll reportedly feature all 649 current Pokémon, as well as support four players and battles with hordes of other 'mon. As you may have guessed from the reference to the eShop, this will be a download only release like its Wii predecessor.

We'll keep an eye out for more official details and screens. The original Pokémon Rumble took five months to be localised to the West after its Japanese release, but with Pokémon X & Y aiming for a unified worldwide release, we should know soon whether the intention is the same for this title.

Have you played the Wii or 3DS entries, and are you looking forward to some 'mon brawls on Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.


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Xilef said:

Awesome. The original on Wiiware was a blast in multiplayer.

Also, isn't this the first confirmed eShop only game from Nintendo on the Wii U?



Late said:

First day download. I love Pokémon Rumble series although they are a bit simplistic games. Run and kill everyone!



SCAR said:

I can't believe I'm still awake to read this... My brother will want this if it lets you transfer Pokemon, or maybe has a box mode included. Who knows, but being compatible with every single Pokemon makes it seem like like it will.



Kohaku said:

I prefer a Pokémon Dungeon game. I played Rumble on my 3DS but I don't really like this game that much.



Bulbousaur said:

Eh, normally I love Pokemon, but this is probably my least favourite spin-off series. The first is just the definition of grinding, and the second while much better wasn't too fun to be honest. I might get this if it comes to the West and hopefully gets a price cut after a few years or so, but most likely no.



Late said:

@mastersworddude: Well, they just made PokéPark 2 and Pokémon Conquest and the new Mystery Dungeon is also already released in Japan. You want a Pokémon Ranger game or what?



XCWarrior said:

Well it's Pokemon. So it will sell. I've never played one of these games. Maybe I should try one sometime. Just looks odd.



rjejr said:

My kids played the Wiiware Pokemon rumble DEMO forever before we finally bought it, they just finally beat the last final boss recently. They each own Pokemon Rumble Blast that they've played alone and together a ton. I'm thinking we'll probably get this

I just hope it's more in line with the Wiiware game at $15 and it's not $60 or $40 like PRB. The Pokedex 3D Pro at $15 was ridiculous but both my kids still bought it.



Znerd said:

2 things
1 this better have the X & Y Pokemon
2.We need Pokemon XD 3 or Stadium for WII U



Beta said:

Day 1 for me! Rumble/Scramble isn't that bad, really. I kinda liked the Wiiware one. But anything Pokemon on the eShop (aka relatively cheaper and not digital version of a physical game) is VERY nice!

@Znerd There will be no X/Y Pokemon since they stated it will have all 649 which are till BW.



Beta said:

Also, one more thing I want to say. You guys really complain a lot! First, you complain that there are no good eShop titles ahead, then Rumble U gets announced and you already start hating... Really, people? Yes, we all want Snap or XD/Colosseum/Stadium sequels, but come ON! At least we're getting something, be thankful, and enjoy what you have. I mean, you're just stressing yourself with complaining while you can just relax and enjoy the announcement/game. Besides, the team who makes this game is probably a small one. That way they could give us this as an appetizer till they announce the big gun that the big team is working on, so why be so negative just yet when you don't know what Nintendo have in store? (Sorry for the double post)



Auracle said:

Interesting. I played the demo for the Wii Ware version (I found a Shiny Charmander... right before the demo ended), but I haven't invested in either full versions. If this one turns out to be good, then maybe I'll give it a try.



Jukilum said:

@Znerd You want them to reveal all of the X and Y Pokémon before those games are even out? Wouldn't that spoil a lot of the excitement for X and Y?



IsawYoshi said:

I really hope they will upgrade the graphics from the previous games. That artstyle was crap.



sillygostly said:

Only four players? Then what's the point of bringing this game to the Wii U?

Honestly, devs. Five players or bust.



Raymen said:

Honestly, I would prefer Pokemon Conquest 2/U. Using the gamepad would be very cool and you could add X&Y Pokemon to keep players from thinking its like the first, so please make it! (gets on knees and prays )

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