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ZombiU Now Populated By Over 300,000 Undead Players

Posted by Damien McFerran

Back from the dead

We reported earlier that Ubisoft is open to the idea of more ZombiU games - which is good news of fans of the Wii U launch title. However, this might come as slightly less positive news to the 300,000 players who have already fallen foul of the game's stern difficulty level and nerve-shredding atmosphere.

In the same interview with Nintendo World Report, Ubisoft Montpellier’s Guillaume Brunier mentioned that a considerable number of undead players are now patrolling the game's servers, ready to pounce on other players at a moment's notice:

We’re having a lot of fun doing this. And we have many ideas to get this ball rolling. One in particular is about our 300,000 plus zombified friends stored on our servers. Who knows what we could do with them.

Any ideas what that could mean? Could we see additional DLC or challenges released which make use of all these zombies? Let us know your predictions by leaving a comment below.


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Void said:

They could send them back in time, like, back to when humans started being awesome, infect those humans, and turn them into zombies, thus turning everyone alive today into a zombie, or go back further and make zombie dinosaurs for the sequel, Dinozaur U, or Zombizaur U.



MAB said:

Sounds like a fresh idea for a new zombie movie VIN DIESEL & ANGELINA JOLIE in ZOMFI MATRIX 2.0



Shiryu said:

I have yet to die in this, but mostly because I have been playing other games instead.



ThumperUK said:

I'd pay for some download content which unlocked these 300,000 into the game!! Better still, make sure ZombiU2 happens with 300,000 zombies from game 1 to beat to re-death!



chiptoon said:

I would love to see the sequel have more character specialisation, mainly so that the player zombies would be more unique, but also that each character I lead into death has more personality and special skills.



FubumblR said:

No, please Ubisoft, the amount of zombies in your game is already fine, and, the ones already there scare me to death so completely sometimes my survivor doesn't move in the game for minutes at a time...



XCWarrior said:

I'm sure more than 300,000 people own Zombie U. As hard as it is to believe, some people still haven't hooked their video game consoles up to the internet. The number is shrinking, but at the same time, anyone who uses their mobile phone as their only internet device would not have a system online.



mshope10 said:

this is the scariest game I've ever played the tension is amazing.and I mean that all in a great way.

I hope every core wii u owner picks it up cause its also a great game that uses the gamepad in great ways.

and its fun cause your on your guard alot planning everything.I hope more people support this great 3rd party hardcore wii u exclusive.

we ask for these games then no one buys them its crazy.



RandomNerds said:

Would love to have specific weekends that were "Zombie Hunting" weekends, imagine large caches of ammo being dropped in game and challenging players to wipe out as many of the undead players in 24-48hours. Top 100 hunters get community accolades plus possible unlockables. I just like the idea of forcing/challenging the community to clean up their own "mistakes".



element187 said:

@EaZy_T Ubisoft is nuts for not making this game online co-op.... This game screams for some teamwork. Maybe it would cool off the difficulty some. As much as I love a challenge, but if I die 5 times in the same spot trying to retrieve my bugout bag, I usually just turn it off for a week and play other games as the frustration level is off the charts.



HouseofBees said:

What a game.

But far, far more online functionality is needed.

And, oh yeah, test the game first. plz.



LavaTwilight said:

I only connected the ZombiU game to the internet recently and I only found out infected from other games can turn up in mine as I ran into the street and straight into an ex-survivor. Since I wasn't expecting anything out there, BOY did he freak me out! Almost killed me too... but one cricket bat to the head and a change of pants later and I was the one left laughing as I ransacked the corpse's corpse for several casings, fast food and first aid kits, bwahahahaa!

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