We reported earlier that Ubisoft is open to the idea of more ZombiU games - which is good news of fans of the Wii U launch title. However, this might come as slightly less positive news to the 300,000 players who have already fallen foul of the game's stern difficulty level and nerve-shredding atmosphere.

In the same interview with Nintendo World Report, Ubisoft Montpellier’s Guillaume Brunier mentioned that a considerable number of undead players are now patrolling the game's servers, ready to pounce on other players at a moment's notice:

We’re having a lot of fun doing this. And we have many ideas to get this ball rolling. One in particular is about our 300,000 plus zombified friends stored on our servers. Who knows what we could do with them.

Any ideas what that could mean? Could we see additional DLC or challenges released which make use of all these zombies? Let us know your predictions by leaving a comment below.

[via nintendoworldreport.com]