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Wii U System Updates Due In Spring And Summer

Posted by Damien McFerran

Will improve overall system speed

The Wii U menu isn't exactly fast - we know that, and thankfully Nintendo does, too. During today's Wii U Direct, the company confirmed that two Wii U system updates will take place this year - one in the spring and another in the summer - with the aim of speeding up the overall system experience.

According to Nintendo, software will launch faster and you'll be able to return to the Wii U menu more quickly, too.

The updates are also likely to lay down the foundations for the Wii U Virtual Console, which was also announced during the broadcast.

Looks like that disgruntled Japanese lady can rest easy.

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User Comments (25)



pntjr said:

Finally, I'm sick of pressing Home and having to wait 7 hours for me to go onto the Miiverse.



NintyMan said:

The loading times didn't bother me that badly, but quicker loading is always welcome, so I appreciate these updates.



Haxonberik said:

Im more excited for the Wii U virtual console. Would save files be transferrable? Because I might go back into a few games I left behind before.



Haxonberik said:

Im more excited for the Wii U virtual console. Would save files be transferrable? Because I might go back into a few games I left behind before.



CrissCross87 said:

I wonder how they are doing this. Especially since they announced that it would take 2 updates within months between each other.



Randomname19 said:

I don't care for these updates.I just want an account that will let me redownload my stuff if my Wii U breaks and I have to buy a new one.



PinkSpider said:

So why does this update take nearly 6 months to reach us?
Seriously summer time?!
This should be sorted out within the first month of release
By the time it comes around I won't care lol



XCWarrior said:

Could loading times be better? Sure. Are they really that? No.

@pntjr 7 hours? I mean really. It's not that bad.

Whenever they fix it, they fix it. Spend more time getting Miiverse and Nintendo Ids out to the 3DS.



Ecto-1 said:

Based on Iwata's comments about the Famicom promo, it sounds like the Wii U VC update will be launching in late March/April. Around the 11 minute mark, he says "the titles coming before April will be available before the official Virtual Console service starts."



Hokori said:

Darn mother 2 available in Japan only while we get punch-out!! Instead



Lalivero said:

@Hokori .5 nano secs? Please do tell me how far into the future you had to go to achieve that firmware update. I'm still getting around 10-12 secs for system settings and don't get me started on Miiverse...



WarioPower said:

I'm very pleased to hear this, it gets quite annoying to wait 10 secs or more everytime I load up a new app or game.



KAHN said:

what loading-time problems? i don't think they're that long at all!



EaZy_T said:

@welshland did that have a cassette storage system? I remember those on the Commodore64/Vic20; 'press play on tape'... wait 5-10 minutes and play a clone of Space Invaders! XD



Lopezdm said:

I knew they would come out with some type of update.. Anyone could see that with the constant youtube,hulu, and game crashes that Nintendo would have to release some sort of update. I just want to them to mean something. It's great that it will make the system faster but what else? I want some update to the video chat. Like games while you video chat. Like chess or something to make chatting with your Mom on the other side of the country fun. After about 5 min of drawing on people and playing tic-tac-toe it got boring.

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