The clock is ticking

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has publicly apologised for the lengthy loading times endured by Wii U users when moving around the console's operating system.

The comments were delivered in a Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast. Iwata admitted that the load times were an issue, and stated that a solution is currently being worked on. However, he stopped short of revealing a timescale for this fix.

Moving around the Wii U OS is certainly a sluggish affair, with some procedures - such as opening Wii U Chat - taking as long as 40 seconds in some cases. It's hardly a deal-breaking problem in our opinion, but it's nevertheless encouraging to see Nintendo has acknowledged this problem so quickly, rather than burying its head in the sand as many companies would do.

The issue was given more exposure recently when an irate Japanese woman posted this video on YouTube complaining about the long load times:

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