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Reggie Fils-Aime To Host 'Reggie Asks' Interview About Nintendo TVii Today

Posted by Orla Madden

Application launching today in North America

Nintendo of America announced via Twitter yesterday that it will be posting a very special 'Reggie Asks' interview focusing on the Nintendo TVii application launching for Wii U today, 20th December, across the US and Canada.

Reggie will hopefully provide some new details on the service, with the Nintendo of America account confidently stating:

Reggie knows television, and will be leading a special Reggie Asks interview on Nintendo TVii for #WiiU tomorrow

The 'Iwata Asks' series has become quite popular, where Nintendo of Japan's President regularly sits down with developers to discuss its games; it's also given us some fresh information such as how ideas were formed for certain games, how these ideas were incorporated with features such as the gyroscope sensor for the 3DS, and the GamePad for the Wii U.

Is your body ready for this interview arriving later today?


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XCWarrior said:

I take it then the update is not live yet? Was hoping to start downloading before I left for work, but I doubt that is happening.



XCWarrior said:

@KWB maybe Europe should have considered buying some Wii Us or games if they wanted the service. As this site has documented, you guys aren't exactly taking a liking to the Wii U so far. Or even the 3DS for that matter.



Sjoerd said:

@XCWarrior I think TVii could just be a killer app they There's no point in not realeasing it in Europe, that won't sell more Wii U's. It's not selling because nobody knows about the damn thing here. NOE doesn't know how to put up a campaign



Schprocket said:

Dear @XCWarrior, if you drive all the way to the side of the country where the sun comes up, you'll see water, but believe it or not, it's not the edge of the known world...

It's the seemingly endless ill-educated guesstimates such as yours by similarly minded people in your part of the world that causes the rest of the world to face-palm in silence...



nocode said:

If you just leave your wii u turned on today, and it's a system update, it should start downloading automatically as soon as it's available no?...




These announcements are usually made anywhere between 10am-2pm check the official site for details. As for the satellite/cable support It's only been confirmed for NA Has anyone gotten that free PlayOn app for Wii U yet its pretty good! I'm sure it'll go well with TVii




@True_Hero Thanks! @3Dash Why not? TVii is compatible with live air television as well. And if you get that other app you'll essentially have 4O+ free viewing channels. If you use TVii and search let's say dinousaurs; the database will bring up everything viewable on the subject from the old ABC animatronic sitcom to "Walking with Giants" on the History Channel (which is one of the channel included with the app) TVii is basically a Google search for media. As long as you have internet you're set to go. ^_^



Boo_Buster said:

@Schprocket There is a difference between fact and fiction my friend. Fact is the Wii U is not selling well in Europe right now. Whose problem is that? Well...

I love Nintendo as much as anybody, but the fact is, in the first month of existence the Wii U isn't selling as well in Europe as it is in NA and Japan. Argue facts if you want to. NoE just needs a nice ad campaign and everyone needs Pikmin 3. What the other guy said is no slight against Europeans or Brits or anything, he just stated a fact about Wii U sales. No need to attack someone, especially when they aren't spouting stupid opinions. The truth hurts I guess. If you are upset about the way sales are going in EU do something about it.



BrightBeing said:

Reggie during Reggie Asks: "That's Great! That's Great! That's Great! Oh, That's Great!..." ><



Redeye1904 said:

It seems that what they meant about tvii being released today is actually us just reading about what a bunch of boring farts think about the tvii app.... Stops writing checks u cannot cash Nintendo....



DerpSandwich said:

He should blow everyone's minds by using this TVii interview to reveal some E3-level major release, for no reason other than it being ridiculous to do so. Hey, we've expected big and gotten nothing so many times, I think it would actually be a pretty neat move! XD

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