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Here's A Special Edition 3DS XL And First Trailer For Super Robot Taisen UX

Posted by Orla Madden

Robot rock

Namco Bandai has released the first trailer for its upcoming 3DS title, Super Robot Taisen UX. Due to hit the portable console on 14th March 2013, the game is classed as a 2D side-scrolling action game based on the popular Japanese series - featuring plenty of anime mech battles with notable characters from the show.

To commemorate the release of the title, Namco has teamed up with Nintendo to release a special edition sleek black 3DS XL based on the hit series. We like the look of this 3DS XL design, but unfortunately for us it's Japan only.

Would you like to see it released here? Let us know.

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Void said:

Huh... Is it just me, or does it say my first comment was posted 5 minutes before the article?



JLSniper said:

C'mon Nintendo of America, why can't we have a custom,special,etc 3DS XL like that? I mean not fair.



MarkMcColtney said:

Ok, it looks better as an entirely black model than your average 3DS XL. Why don't Ninny just release a plain black one as an alternative to not really gorgeous blue/red/silver...? It's my major complaint about XL, since I'm still yet to buy a 3DS - its lookings.



PinkSpider said:

The reason japan get so many is because it's selling so well, why bother releasing special editions of a console that doesn't sell as well in Europe or America
Look at the DS it had loads of special editions coz it sold so well during its life, the 3DS will never surpass DS sales as to many people play on there phones for entertainment



Spoony_Tech said:

The front should look like the back. The image kinda get ruined by all the print on the back otherwise looks great and I would buy it if I already didn't have one!



iphys said:

I'd be happy if we even just got a plain black XL in NA, never mind all these special editions we never get.



hendie001 said:

There are so many japan special editions that i would not know which one to get. Here in north america we have blue and red. What do we have to do to get one?



Barbiegurl777 said:


Yeah I agree this is getting ridiculous. Even europe has got a few special editions. All NA get's is a pink 3ds xl in pink no graphics or anything on system just the color pink. Big whoop. This is getting old.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Boo_Buster said:

Can America get a 3DS XL color besides Blue and Red already! I don't want my 3DS looking like the American flag, sorry. This model looks really cool, although I have never heard of this game. Give us NA some cool XL models Reggie!!!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Side scrolling action game??? The other Super Robot Wars/ Taisen titles heve been strategy games. This one seems to be just as focused on over the top battle animations as the other one, pity license deals with anime companies will prevent it from reaching west.



hamae said:

Damn you region lock!! If it's not you, I will buy this bundle regardless the price. (T^T)



AzureFashionist said:

So it looks like the series for this SRW is...
Gundam Seed Destiny
Macross Frontier
Linebarrels of Iron
Dancouga Nova
Fafner in the Azure
Fafner Heaven and Earth
SD Gundam Battle Brave Warriors (... Whoa...)
Mazinkaiser SKL
Cyber Troopers Virtual... On... Is that a Miku version of Fei?????
Gundam 00 Awakening of the Trailblazer

Couldn't identify anyone else... This line up looks pretty slick! Need to get cash to import a 3DS and this game now!!

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