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Capcom: E.X. Troopers "Not Planned For Western Release"

Posted by Andy Green

Localisation would be much more difficult

Not so long ago Capcom released its Lost Planet spin off game E.X. Troopers in Japan on the 3DS and Playstation 3. It originally started off as a sequel to the original Lost Planet, but turned into a spin off title once the multiplayer element complicated things.

It appears that hopes of a Western release of the new game have been dashed, as Capcom USA's Senior Vice President Christian Svensson has recently revealed there were never any plans to make it available outside of Japan. When asked about a Western release in the Capcom Unity forums, Svensson replied:

[E.X. Troopers] was not planned for Western release… You can tell this because all of the text is ‘hard coded’ as actual art. The text isn’t just standard ‘text’ that could be swapped relatively easily. To localize a release, one would have to redo a ton of art in the game, not just do the localization and loc QA.

So there you have it, it seems E.X. Troopers will never see the light of day on Western shores, which is a shame. Are any of you disappointed in hearing this news? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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edhe said:

Now why on earth would they do that [hard code the text dialogue] if not just to spite us in the West?



SuperCharlie78 said:

Need to redo a ton of art?
Need money?
Well Nintendo has got tons of money, ask them... Oh wait, Nintendo clearly thinks we should be fine with NSMB2 and Layton, and Ben 10 maybe, western second choice videogamers.
This is sad at a high level.



Banjogeek said:

Capcom:We gave you a Megaman game just don't think we are evil and not bring this game over because we are lazy and can't translate it.



Scollurio said:

If crapcom wouldn't be doing Monster Hunter I'd not see any reason to bother with them anymore at all.



SubZer023 said:

Capcom Stop being so lazy for once yall were proud of the Revelation Feed back now just do it why do yall always have to disappoint yall Fans we need mire games like this west why does Japan always get Bundles Colors we dont get apps and games no fair :/



AVahne said:

Then hire several teams of scanlators then! I'm sure those scanlating manga would be happy to be PAID to translate the manga parts in the game.



AVahne said:

We're getting Monster Hunter, and Nintendo wholly supports that series. Nintendo doesn't think that we're complete idiots here. Heck, we're getting Bayonetta 2 with their help.



shinpichu said:

That's dumb. Though I'm sure there were more than a few hackers that just went "Challenge Accepted."



Savino said:

Meh... I wanst into that game anyway... But I know the feeling of most ppl here!



Shadowflash said:

I understand what they're saying. I'm sure they would have to translate the ENTIRE story mode and remake all the text and put it into pictures and stuff. That's way more work than I'd like to do.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Remaking every bit of art in the background is harder than it looks, so I understand... I just hope to god that PMD3DS does not fall under the same fate.



LztheQuack said:

To me, the game looks like it was mainly made to appeal to the Japanese audience. And yet it only did decent salewise. Where can you honestly find the reason and logic behind a western release if that were the case?



darkgamer001 said:

Capcom....shakes head
I've run out of insults to describe this company, and quite frankly, none of them were enough to describe how they've fallen from grace in recent years. More pathetic excuses to 'justify' treating their fans like crap, that's very characteristic of them



retro_player_22 said:

Capcom is finding more ways to pissed gamers up. They probably did that text into art crap on purpose and then choose to be lazy and won't bother localizing it to the west.



Volmun said:

enoyingly i wanted this game and tbh i couldn't care less if some Japanese words pooped up while i played it as long as we get subtitals at the botom of the screen or something... they make out like subtitals don't exists -_- (MMX6 was all in Japanese and had English subtitals and it was perfectly playable its just a excuse to be laze tbh... )



MitchVogel said:

Does it really matter? This looks like one of those niche japanese games that only a few people would ever bother with. Honestly, I don't blame them. While I do believe that companies need to pay attention to fans, passing over a spinoff of an already small franchise is just plain common sense...



Radical9999 said:

Damn, this is just like Ace Attony Investigations 2 all over again. I'm really sick of Japanese companies been so lazy on their releases

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