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Mega Man: The Wily Wars Battles Onto Genesis Portable

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not on Virtual Console, sadly

Ever since Virtual Console arrived on Wii, plenty of older gamers — or younger retro enthusiasts — have had lists of games that they hope to see released on the service. One such title is quite possible Mega Man: The Wily Wars, a Sega Megadrive/Genesis release that includes re-makes of the first three titles in the series, wrapped in a storyline and with an unlockable extra set of stages. Plenty of Mega Man for fans to enjoy, then.

Unfortunately, it's never arrived on the Wii Virtual Console — possibly due to the fact Nintendo and Capcom would rather sell the NES games individually — and the original didn't have a boxed retail release in North America. While Japan and PAL regions did get the game, North American gamers could only access it through the Sega Channel, a feature that linked the 16-bit system to a cable TV connection to access and download a range of games. With its monthly subscription it was arguably a trail-blazer in the industry, but did mean that some gamers missed out. Mega Man: The Wily Wars was one of a number of games exclusive to the service in the region, which was particularly useless when it went offline in 1998.

Now this title will be available to gamers on both sides of the Atlantic, as it's a surprise inclusion on yet another Genesis portable console. The At Games Ultimate Portable Game Player arrives on 13th November and will include the usual mix of games often seen on these licensed handhelds, but the inclusion of this rare title may catch the eye of the Blue Bomber's biggest fans. It's a legal way for those of you in North America to have a copy of the game, without importing or using other means.

Do any of you want it enough to put down $59.99? Though there are other games on the system as well, obviously.


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RupeeClock said:

So yet another cheapo Megadrive/Master System portable device loaded with old games?

SEGA have put out their share of these, they're not always so grand.



ogo79 said:

i played it on sega channel
theres a repro of wily wars as well in cart form, just saying



CrazyOtto said:

Cool to see it come to NA, though I wish it was included in the 2004 Anniversary PS2 disc to make up for the half-assed Navi Modes in MM1-3.



Yanchamaru said:

This looks exactly the same as the Gopher and Blaze Europe handhelds. Plus, you can download any Genesis/Mega Drive ROM from the internet, add them to SD cards, and play the games on the device for free. I thought Nintendolife frowns upon emulators and roms?



ecco6t9 said:

"Hey for your birthday we are making a half iPhone game and instead of a real rerelease of a rare game we are stuffing it on a half but approved by Sega emulator."



coolvw93 said:

i saw a portable genesis the other day at the store (probably the same on being discussed in the article) preloaded with 80+ games, including Mega Man: The Wily Wars, for $40USD. i was also able to see another sega genesis to plug into the tv preloaded with 80+ games(not including Mega Man: The Wily Wars) with 2 wireless controlers and can also have games loaded into it too for $40USD. I was planning on just grabbing the one for the TV but maybe i should get both...



brooks83 said:

Maybe this thing has better emulation than some of the plug n plays Sega put out a few years back. I bought one and it had very poor emulation. It did have The Ooze on it, which to my knowledge hasn't been re-released on any other compilation.



the_shpydar said:

I have one of the portable Genesis systems, and the emulation can be spotty at times, but perfectly playable. The one i have is awesome as it, although it only has 20 built-in games, it actually has a cartridge slot for playing Genesis (and MegaDrive) games.

Also, so people know — the "80 Games Included!" thing does NOT mean 80 Genesis/MegaDrive games. There are 40 Gen/MD games, and then another 40 games that are on-par with lame website-based flash games.



WaveBoy said:

I hated this game. Couldn't stand the Genesis renditions of the classic NES chip tunes, the graphics were unappealing(Terrible looking environments) and it just felt a bit off to play. Mega Man 7 looks and sounds ALOT better.



coolvw93 said:

@the_shpydar yeah thats true... i forgot to mention that part about. at least the portable genesis sytem you got has the cartridge slot for more games

EDIT: i got the home console of the system that loads games, basicly preloaded with 40 sega genesis games and then 40 "arcade style games" but i couldnt pass up on it for the price at $28USD (early black friday sales at the local store) originally $40USD



chiptoon said:

@WaveWitch I could never get into it either. It was a weird feeling at the time. I hadn't yet realised how much I like 8bit sounds and graphics. Everything was more complex and advanced, but it just wasn't right. Especially the music.



retro_player_22 said:

For the price of that lame portable, I would rather buy Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3 instead. Also compare to the original NES Mega Man 1-3, the Wily Wars wasn't as great, the reason it never made it to NA was that it sold terribly in both Japan and Europe.



MAB said:

I liked the Megadrive Mega Man better because they fixed that annoying slowdown and blurry flicker when more than 2 enemies were on the screen at the same time.



RantingThespian said:

It's just another way to piss off fans by not putting the game on a system that majority of Megaman players have.

Screw you Capcom!



DrDaisy said:

I saw the picture. The buttons are way too slanted in the wrong direction for me to enjoy it.

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